Vestec Thermospray Probe Insert Repair

Vestec Thermospray Probe Insert Repair
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Vestec Thermospray Probe and Enlargement of Probe Tip

The Vestec thermospray probes can be repaired when the inner capillary becomes clogged or the thermocouples become damaged or broken internally within the probe. The complete repair is described in the August 1987 edition of our newsletter, "The Mass Spec Source," and includes the complete disassembly of the probe, replacement of the internal stainless steel capillary tube with a new precision bored stainless steel capillary with an inside diameter of 0.006", repair or replacement of the two thermocouples, and then TIG precision welding of the complete assembly back together. Other size capillaries can be substituted on special request if your requirements have need of these. All lengths of Pyrolysis Probe Inserts are repairable.

Part No. Description Price
REP112 Probe Repair $175.006 or more: 5% off.