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Glass Jet Separator Repair and Cleaning

Glass Jet Separator Cleaning and Repair
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Jet repair

All models of jet separators can be replaced if the side arms or stem become broken or damaged.

Jets to be repaired must have at least 5/8 inch of glass arm extended past the main body of the jet if the jet repair is to be guaranteed. Jets with less than 5/8 inch of stem remaining can be repaired, but we cannot guarantee the repair.

Swagelok fittings should only have to be turned 1/4 turn past finger tight. Over tightening of the fittings can break jet separator arms.


jet cleaning

S.I.S. can clean most jet separators. Various methods including solvents such as ultrasonic cleaning, and wire probes are utilized depending on the degree of clogging. Many jet separators (especially the Finnigan MAT jet separators) are extremely fragile; therefore, S.I.S. assumes no responsibility for jets damaged during the unclogging procedure.

Part No. Description Quantity
In Stock
REP71 Repair One Jet Separator Arm DISCONTINUED------
REP72 Repair Two Arms on Same Jet Separator INACTIVE------
REP73 Repair Two Arms and Stem on Same Jet Separator 0Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. CALL
REP7C Clean Jet Separator-price per Jet DISCONTINUED------