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Thermo/Finnigan MAT 5100 Transfer Line Repair

Thermo/Finnigan 5100 Tansfer Line Repair
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Finnigan MAT #50010-60006

Reweld of GLT to Fittings

The glass lined tubing on this transfer line where it is welded to the Swagelok fittings can develop leaks. This can be rewelded by S.I.S. We will silver solder these joints, clean the assembly and leak check the entire transfer line.

Replacement of Swagelok Fitting

SIS can replace either the1/4" or 1/16" Swagelok fitting if either is damaged. In some cases we can clean up the threads without replacing the fitting. If so, this is done for a minimal charge. However, if the fitting needs to be replaced a new Swagelok fitting is TIG welded and the entire transfer line is leak checked.

Splice of GLT Lines

The GLT lines can be spliced if either is damaged or develops a leak near the Swagelok fittings. A two inch long section will be spliced near the main body of the transfer line and the assembly leak checked.

Repair of Bellows Assembly

The bellows in this assembly quite often develops a leak. This bellows can be replaced by S.I.S. This repair includes complete disassembly, micro-TIG welding of the bellows, reassembly with new GLT, and leak checking.

Replacement of GLT Lines

If the GLT lines develop a leak inside the main body of the transfer assembly or are severely damaged they will have to be completely replaced. This is an expensive repair because the assembly must be completely disassembled, the GLT replaced and the assembly welded and leak checked.
Part No. Description Price
REP38W Reweld of GLT lines to fittings CALL
REP383 Replacement of Swagelok fitting CALL
REP381 Splice one 2in length of GLT CALL
REP382 Splice two 2in lengths of GLT CALL
REP384 Repair of bellows and GLT CALL
REP385 Replace both GLT Lines CALL