Trap'n Tip™ Sample Prep Tips

Trap'n Tip™ Sample Prep Tips
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Price: 296
Product ID : NOTNTC18
NOTNTMC18 Sorbent=C18/Carbon Trapn Tip, Qty./Box=96 NOTNTZR Sorbent=Zirconium Trapn Tip, Qty./Box=96 NOTNTTI Sorbent=Titanium Trapn Tip, Qty./Box=96 NOTNTC18 Sorbent=C18 Trapn Tip, Qty./Box=96 NOTNTCAR Sorbent=Carbon Trapn Tip, Qty./Box=96


  • One time use
  • Excellent sensitivity: For use in the low-femtomole to high-attomole range
  • High reproducibility: No tip variation, very reliable methods, and superb ease of use
  • High throughput: Load, wash and elute at high flow rates (>300 µL/min) using low back pressure


Trap'n Tip ready-made, disposable pipette tips with micro-chromatography columns are perfect for sensitive, fast, and convenient purification of peptide mixtures and proteins. Chromatography material is directly attached to the inner surface of the tip without the use of any polymers or glue.