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IntegraFrit™ Sample Trap Inserts by New Objective

Catalog E10
New Objective IntegraFrit™ Sample Traps
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Optimized for Proteomics
IntegraFrit Sample Traps combined with Upchurch Scientific® Fittings are a perfect combination for concentrating and separating samples for mass spectrometry. Integrated with a titanium frit, the key to the sample trap is the 360 µm OD fused-silica tubing packed with one of our outstanding chemistries.

  • Trap column IDs of 75 µm, 100 µm, and 150 µm
  • Place in injection loop for sample prep
  • Use as nanobore guard column
  • Column length of 2.5 cm
  • Ideal for rapid sample analysis
  • Combine with an ultra-low volume (<2 nL) IntegraFrit as an outlet frit
  • Custom packing for other column IDs or user-supplied materials

Sample Trap Efficiency

Matching trap and analytical column sorbents result in improved peak resolution, higher overall loading capacity, and improved pep-tide recovery.

A 300 fmol BSA digest sample was prepared and run using two separate sample trap/column configurations:

-Right, top - Run using an IntegraFrit sample trap and a PicoFrit analytical column both packed with ProteoPep II C18 5 µm 300 Åchemistry.

-Right, bottom - Run using an IntegraFrit sample trap and a PicoFrit analytical column each packed with different chemistries.

Robust and Reliable

Like our PicoFrit and IntegraFrit columns, IntegraFrit sample trap columns are fabricated from 360 µm OD, polyimide-coated, fused-silica tubing. The ends of the precision cut 2.5 cm column of the fused-silica column is polished flat to ensure a clean connection.The chromatography bed is packed behind the frit.

New Objective Chemistries

Media Code Media Name Type/Size Supplier
H001 ProteoPep™ C18,5 µm,300Å New Objective
H002 ProteoPep™ II C18,5 µm,300Å New Objective
H003 ProteoPep™ III C18,1.8 µm,80Å New Objective
H020Strong Cation Exc SCX,5 µm,85Å New Objective
H035HALO® C18,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H036HALO® C8,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H037HALO® RPRP,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H038HALO® HILIC2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H039HALO® PeptideES2.7 µm,160Å AMT, Inc.
H044HALO® Peptide ESC18, 5µm, 160ÅAMT, Inc.
H040HALO® Penta HILICC18, 2.7µm, 90ÅAMT, Inc.
H041HALO® ProteinC4, 3.4µm, 400ÅAMT, Inc.
H042HALO® Peptide CNCN, 2.7µm, 160ÅAMT, Inc.
H043HALO® Peptide CNCN, 5µm, 160ÅAMT, Inc.
H050BioBasic® C4, 5 µm,300Å Thermo Scientific
H051BioBasic® C8,5 µm,300Å Thermo Scientific
H052BioBasic® C18,5 µm,300Å Thermo Scientific
H053AQUASILC18,5 µm,100Å Thermo Scientific
H054BetasilC18,5 µm,100Å Thermo Scientific
H056BioBasic SCXSCX, 5µm, 300ÅThermo Scientific
H060 BetaBasic®C8,5 µm,150Å Thermo Scientific
H061 BetaBasic®C18,5 µm,150Å Thermo Scientific
H062Hypercarb C100,5 µm,250Å Thermo Scientific
H063Hypercarb C100,7 µm,250Å Thermo Scientific
H064AccucoreC18, 2.6µm, 150ÅThermo Scientific
H070HypersilGOLD™C118,5 µm,175Å Thermo Scientific
H071HypersilGOLD™C118,5 µm,175ÅThermo Scientific
H072HypersilGOLD PFP™PFP,5 µm,175Å Thermo Scientific
H073HypersilGOLD aQ™C118,1.9 µm,175ÅThermo Scientific
H074HypersilGOLD aQ™C18,5 µm,175ÅThermo Scientific
H075HypersilGOLD PFP™PFP,1.9 µm,175ÅThermo Scientific
H076HypersilGOLD PFP™PFP,3 µm,175ÅThermo Scientific
H080ProntosilC18 AQ,3 µm,120Å Thermo Scientific
H100XBridge™C8,3.5 µm,135ÅWaters
H101XBridge™C8,5 µm,135ÅWaters
H102XBridge™C18,3.5 µm,135Å Waters
H103XBridge™C18,5 µm,135ÅWaters
H110Xterra®C18,5 µm,125ÅWaters
H111Acquity® BEHC18, 1.7µm, 130ÅWaters
H200Inertsil® ODS-3™C18,3 µm,100ÅGL Sciences
H201Inertsil® ODS-3™C18,5 µm,100ÅGL Sciences
H202Inertsil® ODS-4™C18,23 µm,100ÅGL Sciences
H203Inertsil® ODS-4™C18,3 µm,100ÅGL Sciences
H204Inertsil® ODS-4™C18,5 µm,100ÅGL Sciences
H252Magic AQ®C18,5 µm,200Å Michrom
H253Magic AQ®C18,3 µm,200Å Michrom
H254MAGIC AQ®C18, 3µm, 100ÅMichrom
H255MAGIC AQ®C18, 5µm, 100ÅMichrom
H301POROS R220 µm,2000Å Life Tech
H302POROS R210 µm,2000ÅLife Tech
H340PepmapC18, 3 µm, 100Å Dionex
H341PepmapC18,3 µm,100Å Dionex
H354Reprosil-PURC18 AQ, 3 µm,120ÅDr. Maisch
H355Reprosil-PURODS-3,3 µm,200ÅDr. Maisch
H356Reprosil-PUR ODS-3ODS-3, 3µm, 300ÅDr. Maisch
H357Reprosil-PURC18-AQ, 5µm, 120ÅDr. Maisch
H358Reprosil-PURC18-AQ, 5µm, 200ÅDr. Maisch
H359Reprosil-PUR ODS-3ODS-3, 3µm, 200ÅDr. Maisch
H363Reprosil-PURC18-AQ, 1.9µm, 120ÅDr. Maisch
H401Monitor®C18, 3 µm,100Å Orochem Tech
H402Monitor®C18,5 µm,100Å Orochem Tech
H403Gazelle™C18,1.7 µm,100ÅOrochem Tech
H501PFRP-S5 µm,4000ÅVarian
H502PFRP-S5 µm,1000Å Varian
H601ChromegabondC18, 1.8µm, 120ÅES Industries
H602ChromegabondC18, 3µm, 120ÅES Industries
H603ChromegabonC18, 5µm, 120ÅES Industries
H604Epic C18-MSC18, 1.8µm, 120ÅES Industries
H605Epic C18-MSC18, 3µm, 120ÅES Industries
H606Epic C18-MSC18, 5µm, 120ÅES Industries
H607 Epic Polar C18C18, 1.8µm, 120ÅES Industries
H608Epic Polar C18C18, 3µm, 120ÅES Industries
H609Epic Polar C18C18, 5µm, 120ÅES Industries
H610Epic PFP-LBC18, 1.8µm, 120ÅES Industries
H611Epic PFP-LBC18, 3µm, 120ÅES Industries
H612Epic PFP-LBC18, 5µm, 120ÅES Industries
H613ProlyxPore Phenyl SDPhenyl, 5µm, 220ÅES Industries
H614AquaSepWP, 3µm, 100ÅES Industries
H615MacroSep ShellC18, 5µm, 300ÅES Industries
OD (um)=360, Bed Length (mm)=25
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