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New Objective PicoView® Nanospray Source Model 550/565

New Objective PicoView® Nanospray Source Model 550/565
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For Thermo Fisher LTQ/FT, Orbitrap, Velos, QExactive, and Deca XP Max

Shown with optional valve mounting kit valve

  • Tool-free magnetic interlock stage plate
  • Versatile tip-mounting option allows for junction or tip-style high-voltage contact with controllable tip angle for optimum signal
  • Fully compatible with all PicoTip® emitters, IntegraFrit™ and PicoFrit® columns
  • Imaging system with visual or video imaging lets user see the tip and spray for easy tuning and troubleshooting
  • Sheath gas-enabled
  • High-precision, ball-bearing XYZ stage for exact positioning
  • Optional universal valve mount for manual or automatic valves
  • Easy to install and changeout

Flexibility & Results

The highest sensitivity and control is achieved with PicoView® nanospray sources. The platform accommodates flow rates from <10 nL/min to 4 µL/min either online or offline.

Droplet Formation
Spray voltage too low

Jet Spray
Spray voltage too low

Multiple Sprays
Spray voltage too high

Perfect Plume
Spray voltage is optimal

High-Sensitivity Nanospray Sources

The PicoView® nanospray source increases sensitivity while providing the ultimate in flexibility and control over your experiment. Designed specifically to maximize the PicoFrit® technology, PicoView enables subfemtomole proteomics and biomolecule analysis at flow rates from <10 mL/min. to 4 µL/min.

Extra Info

A. Junction or Tip Contact. Whether you need to establish a high-voltage junction contact with the platinum wire MicroTee electrode or tip contact through the conductive coating on a PicoTip® and a zero dead-volume union, the PicoView® easily accommodates both styles.

B. High-Resolution Video Imaging. 50x-200x System magnification provides optimal viewing of PicoTips® for easy tuning and troubleshooting. Camera is easily positioned and focused with knob-driven controls.

C. Magnetic Stage for Tool-Free Setup. Change emitters or modify your experiment out of the box quickly and easily — no screws or clamps and no tools required. The magnetic interlock stage snaps back into place easily and with minimal reoptimization.

D. Integrated Valve Mount. The PicoView® source provides an integrated valve mount to help keep system swept volume as low as possible. Component arms organize plumbing for quick and efficient setup and modification.

Part No. Description Price
PV550X PicoView for LCQ Deca XP Max(TM) $18714.80
PV550L PicoView for LTQ(TM) / LTQ FT(TM) Deca XP Max(TM). $20242.56
PV550O PicoView for LTQ Orbitrap(TM) $18714.80