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New Objective PicoView® Nanospray Source Model 500

New Objective PicoView® Nanospray Source Model 500
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Price: 18714.8
Product ID : PV500X
PV500X PicoView for LCQ Deca XP/XP Plus[TM].


For Thermo Fisher LCQ Deca XP and XP Plus

  • Tool-free magnetic interlock stage plate
  • Versatile tip-mounting option allows for junction or tip-style high-voltage contact with controllable tip angle for optimum signal
  • Fully compatible with all PicoTip® emitters, IntegraFrit™ and PicoFrit® columns
  • Imaging system with visual or video imaging lets user see the tip and spray for easy tuning and troubleshooting
  • High-precision, ball-bearing XYZ stage for exact positioning
  • Optional universal valve mount for manual or automatic valves
  • Easy to install and changeout

Flexibility & Results

The highest sensitivity and control is achieved with PicoView® nanospray sources. The platform accommodates flow rates from <10 nL/min to 4 µL/min either online or offline.

Droplet Formation
Spray voltage too low

Jet Spray
Spray voltage too low

Multiple Sprays
Spray voltage too high

Perfect Plume
Spray voltage is optimal

High-Sensitivity Nanospray Sources

The PicoView® nanospray source increases sensitivity while providing the ultimate in flexibility and control over your experiment. Designed specifically to maximize the PicoFrit® technology, PicoView enables subfemtomole proteomics and biomolecule analysis at flow rates from <10 mL/min. to 4 µL/min.

Extra Info

A. Junction or Tip Contact. Whether you need to establish a high-voltage junction contact with the platinum wire MicroTee electrode or tip contact through the conductive coating on a PicoTip® and a zero dead-volume union, the PicoView® easily accommodates both styles.

B. High-Resolution Video Imaging. 50x-200x System magnification provides optimal viewing of PicoTips® for easy tuning and troubleshooting. Camera is easily positioned and focused with knob-driven controls.

C. Magnetic Stage for Tool-Free Setup. Change emitters or modify your experiment out of the box quickly and easily — no screws or clamps and no tools required. The magnetic interlock stage snaps back into place easily and with minimal reoptimization.

D. Integrated Valve Mount. The PicoView® source provides an integrated valve mount to help keep system swept volume as low as possible. Component arms organize plumbing for quick and efficient setup and modification.