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New Objective PicoView® Nanospray Source



The highest sensitivity and control is achieved with PicoView® nanospray sources. The platform accommodates flow rates from <10 nL/min to 4 µL/min either online or offline.


The ultimate performance nanospray source for methods requiring flexibility and control. PicoView nanospray sources are engineered to provide maximum capabilities for a wide range of challenging applications.
  • Magnetic interlock stage plate allows easy emitter removal or adjustment without the use of tools
  • Versatile tip-mounting option allows for junction or tip-style high-voltage contact
  • Fully compatible with all PicoTip® emitters and PicoFrit® columns
  • Imaging system with visual or video imaging lets user see the tip and spray for easy tuning and troubleshooting
  • Modular stage plate is user-configurable for multiple applications, with controllable tip angle for optimum signal
  • High-precision, ball-bearing XYZ stage for exact positioning
  • Optional universal valve mount for manual or automatic valves positioned close to the emitter to minimize system-wide swept volume
  • PicoView nanospray sources are designed for scientists by scientists.
  • Standard PicoView models allow full control over all experimental details from tip angle and voltage application methods to online or offline analysis.
  • PicoView affords a simple and effective solution for high performance and high productivity.
The hallmark of the PicoView platform is high-performance nanospray via the novel spray imaging system. Spray visualization and validation translate into high sensitivity, greater reproducibility, and increased productivity.