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New Objective PicoFUZE®



If you like electrospray, you'll love nanospray! New for Turbo Ionspray equipped AB SCIEX mass spectrometers! PicoFuze delivers the high performance of nanospray with an easy-to-use format. Ease of use meets high performance!

PicoFuze is a hybrid technology for the AB SCIEX Turbo probe that combines the precision and engineering found in our traditional nanospray PicoFrit consumables with our easy-to-use PicoChip technology. The result is an unprecedented combination of high performance and ease-of-use.

  • Sensitivity, robustness and ease-of-use are critical factors for successful bioanalysis. With the drive for ever more sensitivity, smaller LC formats using lower flow rates are rapidly taking hold. The next generation quantitative biomolecule LC-MS/MS assays are here!
  • PicoFuze leverages our market proven and patented PicoFrit column technology to meet the cycle time and through-put requirements of quantitative bioanalysis. Quantitative nanospray LC/MS is here!
  • Low flow ESI (i.e., nanospray) has consistent analytical performance benefits compared to conventional ESI.
  • The PicoFuze format eliminates post-column volume. Peak shape and chromatographic fidelity are preserved. Why throw away the separation you worked so hard to achieve inside long lengths of tubing and multiple connections?
  • PicoFuze columns can be packed with any of our premium chromatographic media.
  • Every PicoFuze column essentially contains a brand-new ESI source probe. Don't ever worry again about having to manually replace a tiny, fragile metal ESI needle, thread fused-silica through a hole you can't see, or trying to make all "perfect" connections after your LC column. Maintain your productivity! The source is the column, the column is the source.