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IntegraFrit™ Columns

Catalog E9
New Objective IntegraFrit™ Columns
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Consistency you can count on

Like PicoFrit® columns, IntegraFrit™ columns are fabricated from 360 µm OD, polyimide-coated, fused-silica tubing but without a tip. The fritted end of the fused-silica column is polished flat to ensure a clean connection to your emitter of choice or to the inlet of a second column. Each IntegraFrit column has an integral high-porosity frit, behind which is the packed chromatography bed. The frit virtually eliminates peak tailing caused by other extra-column frits.

Versatile Reliability

Coupling columns of the same or different resin materials is often employed in complex proteomic digest analysis. Despite enhanced separation, multidimensional columns are costly, and initiate post-column through dead-volume introduction. Using transparent, truezero-dead-volume PicoClear™ unions in conjunction with IntegraFrit columns, flush connections can easily be achieved, and rapid swap-out of column materials is made possible. Data collected using bench-top assembled columns demonstrate negligible resolution loss.

New Objective Chemistries

Media Code Media Name Type/Size Supplier
H001 ProteoPep™ C18,5 µm,300Å New Objective
H002 ProteoPep™ II C18,5 µm,300Å New Objective
H003 ProteoPep™ III C18,1.8 µm,80Å New Objective
H020Strong Cation Exc SCX,5 µm,85Å New Objective
H035HALO® C18,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H036HALO® C8,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H037HALO® RPRP,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H038HALO® HILIC2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H039HALO® PeptideES2.7 µm,160Å AMT, Inc.
H044HALO® Peptide ESC18, 5µm, 160ÅAMT, Inc.
H040HALO® Penta HILICC18, 2.7µm, 90ÅAMT, Inc.
H041HALO® ProteinC4, 3.4µm, 400ÅAMT, Inc.
H042HALO® Peptide CNCN, 2.7µm, 160ÅAMT, Inc.
H043HALO® Peptide CNCN, 5µm, 160ÅAMT, Inc.
H050BioBasic® C4, 5 µm,300Å Thermo Scientific
H051BioBasic® C8,5 µm,300Å Thermo Scientific
H052BioBasic® C18,5 µm,300Å Thermo Scientific
H053AQUASILC18,5 µm,100Å Thermo Scientific
H054BetasilC18,5 µm,100Å Thermo Scientific
H056BioBasic SCXSCX, 5µm, 300ÅThermo Scientific
H060 BetaBasic®C8,5 µm,150Å Thermo Scientific
H061 BetaBasic®C18,5 µm,150Å Thermo Scientific
H062Hypercarb C100,5 µm,250Å Thermo Scientific
H063Hypercarb C100,7 µm,250Å Thermo Scientific
H064AccucoreC18, 2.6µm, 150ÅThermo Scientific
H070HypersilGOLD™C118,5 µm,175Å Thermo Scientific
H071HypersilGOLD™C118,5 µm,175ÅThermo Scientific
H072HypersilGOLD PFP™PFP,5 µm,175Å Thermo Scientific
H073HypersilGOLD aQ™C118,1.9 µm,175ÅThermo Scientific
H074HypersilGOLD aQ™C18,5 µm,175ÅThermo Scientific
H075HypersilGOLD PFP™PFP,1.9 µm,175ÅThermo Scientific
H076HypersilGOLD PFP™PFP,3 µm,175ÅThermo Scientific
H080ProntosilC18 AQ,3 µm,120Å Thermo Scientific
H100XBridge™C8,3.5 µm,135ÅWaters
H101XBridge™C8,5 µm,135ÅWaters
H102XBridge™C18,3.5 µm,135Å Waters
H103XBridge™C18,5 µm,135ÅWaters
H110Xterra®C18,5 µm,125ÅWaters
H111Acquity® BEHC18, 1.7µm, 130ÅWaters
H200Inertsil® ODS-3™C18,3 µm,100ÅGL Sciences
H201Inertsil® ODS-3™C18,5 µm,100ÅGL Sciences
H202Inertsil® ODS-4™C18,23 µm,100ÅGL Sciences
H203Inertsil® ODS-4™C18,3 µm,100ÅGL Sciences
H204Inertsil® ODS-4™C18,5 µm,100ÅGL Sciences
H252Magic AQ®C18,5 µm,200Å Michrom
H253Magic AQ®C18,3 µm,200Å Michrom
H254MAGIC AQ®C18, 3µm, 100ÅMichrom
H255MAGIC AQ®C18, 5µm, 100ÅMichrom
H301POROS R220 µm,2000Å Life Tech
H302POROS R210 µm,2000ÅLife Tech
H340PepmapC18, 3 µm, 100Å Dionex
H341PepmapC18,3 µm,100Å Dionex
H354Reprosil-PURC18 AQ, 3 µm,120ÅDr. Maisch
H355Reprosil-PURODS-3,3 µm,200ÅDr. Maisch
H356Reprosil-PUR ODS-3ODS-3, 3µm, 300ÅDr. Maisch
H357Reprosil-PURC18-AQ, 5µm, 120ÅDr. Maisch
H358Reprosil-PURC18-AQ, 5µm, 200ÅDr. Maisch
H359Reprosil-PUR ODS-3ODS-3, 3µm, 200ÅDr. Maisch
H363Reprosil-PURC18-AQ, 1.9µm, 120ÅDr. Maisch
H401Monitor®C18, 3 µm,100Å Orochem Tech
H402Monitor®C18,5 µm,100Å Orochem Tech
H403Gazelle™C18,1.7 µm,100ÅOrochem Tech
H501PFRP-S5 µm,4000ÅVarian
H502PFRP-S5 µm,1000Å Varian
H601ChromegabondC18, 1.8µm, 120ÅES Industries
H602ChromegabondC18, 3µm, 120ÅES Industries
H603ChromegabonC18, 5µm, 120ÅES Industries
H604Epic C18-MSC18, 1.8µm, 120ÅES Industries
H605Epic C18-MSC18, 3µm, 120ÅES Industries
H606Epic C18-MSC18, 5µm, 120ÅES Industries
H607 Epic Polar C18C18, 1.8µm, 120ÅES Industries
H608Epic Polar C18C18, 3µm, 120ÅES Industries
H609Epic Polar C18C18, 5µm, 120ÅES Industries
H610Epic PFP-LBC18, 1.8µm, 120ÅES Industries
H611Epic PFP-LBC18, 3µm, 120ÅES Industries
H612Epic PFP-LBC18, 5µm, 120ÅES Industries
H613ProlyxPore Phenyl SDPhenyl, 5µm, 220ÅES Industries
H614AquaSepWP, 3µm, 100ÅES Industries
H615MacroSep ShellC18, 5µm, 300ÅES Industries
OD (um)=360
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