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New Objective Digital PicoView® 550

New Objective Digital PicoView® 550
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Price: 31195
Product ID : DPV550
DPV550 Digital PicoView 550 for Thermo LTQ/Orbitrap/Velos/Q Exactive [excluding TSQ not compatible]


For Thermo Fisher LTQ, Orbitrap, Velos, Q Exactive and TSQ:

  • Digitally-controlled fine-precision XYZ stage (1 µm precision)
  • Ultra-high resolution digital camera
  • PV Acquire™ stage control software
  • Automated tip rinsing station
  • Tool-free magnetic interlock stage plate
  • Sheath gas-enabled (sheath gas kit available separately)
  • Versatile tip-mounting option allows for junction or tip-style high-voltage contact with controllable tip angle for optimum signal
  • Fully compatible with all PicoTip® emitters, IntegraFrit™ and PicoFrit® columns
  • Optional universal valve mount for manual or automatic valves
  • Easy changeout


Infinite Control

Go digital and eliminate the need for manual, trial-and-error adjustment of emitter position and voltage! Digital PicoView® nanospray sources provide unparalleled control and flexibility for a new level of high performance. This platform integrates a digitally-controlled tip positioning and rinsing system with the tool-free set up and comprehensive hardware benefits of the PicoView platform.


High-Resolution Imaging

The USB-driven camera provides a high-resolution image directly to the mass spectrometer. This superior digital image is fundamental for spray optimization, method development,and diagnostic troubleshooting.

Digital Stage Control

Control stage positioning with the PV Acquire software. The intuitive inter-face eliminates any concern with the accurate recall of tip position.Precise tip positioning with micrometer accuracy affords the highest possible control for optimal spray delivery. Tip positions are easily saved and recalled to reduce time spent on optimization and boost productivity.

Automated Tip Rinsing

Keeping the PicoTip nanospray emitter clean can significantly extend its lifetime and provide high performance results throughout the study. The Digital PicoView nanospray source features a dedicated Rinse Station with Digital Divert to automatically rinse and clean.

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