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High Pressure Disposable Air Filter/Purifier by Koby



Units are used to remove heavy concentrates of vapors, aerosols, and particulates from compressed air and vacuum air. Typically installed to protect high pressure controls and valves, precision instruments, air bearings, non-lubricated air tools, important production machinery, and other air operatied equipment. Also recommended for installation before spray guns, blow guns, sand blast helmets, vacuum pumps, high pressure air hoses, or to general system piping at point of air use.


Air Filter Model Maximum Oil Adsorption Capacity Air Flow 100 psig @ 2 psid (SCFM)
Junior King 3.5 oz. 13.5
Senior 2.5 oz. 8.3
Senior King 3.5 oz. 11.5
Unit of measure: EA
Part No. Description Quantity
In Stock
Price Quantity
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KA2 Koby Junior King Vacuum Pump Filter, Replacement 36$62.00[*A][*A] 10 or more: 5% off; 50 or more: 10% off.
KF5 PUMP ADAPTER 1/4FPT TO1/4 0[*L]Standard lead-time for out-of-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $37.80
KA3 KOBY SENIOR KING FILTER 250PSI .5"PIPE ADAPTER 2$69.50[*A][*A] 10 or more: 5% off; 50 or more: 10% off.
  • Noise Muffler Air Purifiers - DF0Noise Muffler Air Purifiers - DF0 $39+
    Disposable Noise Muffler Air Purifiers help reduce excessive noise levels within OSHA standards. In addition, units remove unwanted contaminants from exhaust air and intake air.
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