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SISWEB® Application Notes

Over 90 articles on Thermal Desorption, MS Direct Probe, and SIMION, including papers we presented at Pittcon, ASMS, and EAS.

Table of Contents

SISWEB Application Notes

Technical Bulletins

Thermal Desorption & Cryo-Trap Notes

Thermal Desorption - Direct Thermal Extraction

Thermal Desorption - Environmental

Thermal Desorption - Headspace

Thermal Desorption - Purge and Trap

Thermal Desorption - Pharmaceuticals

Thermal Desorption - Forensics

Thermal Desorption - Food Science

Thermal Desorption - Absorbent Resins

GC Cryo-Trap Application Notes

MS Direct Probe Application Notes

General Mass Spec and GC Application Notes

SIMION (Ion Optics Software) Application Notes

Chemical Reaction Interface Mass Spectrometry (CRIMS)

Other Abstracts

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Abstract - Development of an Automated Pyrolysis System Abstract - Hydrocarbon Production in Pine by DTE Abstract - Micro Cryo-Trap Trapping Volatiles Front GC Cap Col Abstract - Comparison of Septa by Direct Thermal Extraction Abstract - Volatile Organic Composition in Blueberry Abstract - Analysis of Office Products, 1996 EAS Presentation Abstract - Detection & Identification Oil Base Paint Headspace GC Abstract - Evaluation of Septa Abstract - Influence of Storage on Blueberry Volatiles Abstract - Optimization of TD parameters Abstract - Resesign and Performance of a Diffusion Based Solvent Removal Abstract - Design of Direct Probe Inlet for a HP Mass Spec Abstract - CRIMS Abstract - Application of SIMION to Filament Design for MS source Abstract - Student Guide for SIMION Modeling Software Abstract - Application of SIMION to Time of Flight MS Abstract - Comparison Sensitivity Headspace GC,P&T TD & DTE Abstract - Abstract - Influence of Pump Oil on Roughing Pumps Abstract - Analysis Motor Oil TD/GC/MS Abstract - Identification of Volatile Organic Compounds in Paper Products Abstract - Computer Modeling of TOF Abstract - Volatiles in Flowers Abstract - Development of Automated Fraction Collector, Olftractometer Abstract - Delayed Extraction of Laser Desorption: Time-lag Focusing and Beyond Abstract - Micro Cryo Trap Abstract - Design of Microprocessor Controlled Thermal Desoption Autosampler Abstract - Computer Modeling of Ion Optics in TOF MS using SIMION Abstract - Thermal Desorption Instrumentation for Characterization of Odors and Flavors
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