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SIS supplies over 20,000 parts and services for mass spectrometry, chromatography, vacuum, and other scientific equipment.

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Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters

Rough vacuum pumps are an important part of the vacuum system on mass specs, however in many labs they are not given the attention they require except when a problem is discovered in the mass spec operation. For efficient and safe operation the correct filters and traps should be installed on both the inlet and outlet of the vacuum pump. With the advance of electrospray and other LC/MS techniques this requirement becomes even more important, as more solvents and other materials are being pumped. This is especially critical if the vacuum pumps are not exhausted outside of the lab. The use of the correct filters and traps and the proper maintenance of these items can improve the life of the vacuum pump as well as minimize harmful emissions into the environment. Below is a chart which may be helpful in determining which filters you may require. The following pages detail each of these items and list appropriate hardware to connect the filters to both Alcatel and Edwards vacuum pumps. If you have a vacuum pump from another manufacturer give us a call and we will help you determine which filters and hardware you may require.

For Typical hookup, see section on Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Installation

  Applications Features
Manufacturer Filter Part # Organic Chem Good Hazardous Corrosive Particulates Oil Vapor Filter Element Disposable
Alcatel 68316 Good No Good Excel. Yes No Plastic
Alcatel 66827 Good No Good Excel. Yes No Plastic
Balston CV-0112-371H Good Yes Good Excel. No Yes SS
Balston CV-0118-371H Good Yes Good Excel. No Yes SS
Balston 9955-12-371H Good No Good Good No Yes Plastic
Balston 18/18-371H Good No Good Excel. No Yes Steel
SIS HIS-08 Good No Good Excel. Yes No SS
SIS HIS-18 Good No Good Excel. Yes No SS
Koby KA-1 Excel. No Good Excel. No Yes Steel

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