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Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters

Rough vacuum pumps are an important part of the vacuum system on mass specs, however in many labs they are not given the attention they require except when a problem is discovered in the mass spec operation. For efficient and safe operation the correct filters and traps should be installed on both the inlet and outlet of the vacuum pump. With the advance of electrospray and other LC/MS techniques this requirement becomes even more important, as more solvents and other materials are being pumped. This is especially critical if the vacuum pumps are not exhausted outside of the lab. The use of the correct filters and traps and the proper maintenance of these items can improve the life of the vacuum pump as well as minimize harmful emissions into the environment. Below is a chart which may be helpful in determining which filters you may require. The following pages detail each of these items and list appropriate hardware to connect the filters to both Alcatel and Edwards vacuum pumps. If you have a vacuum pump from another manufacturer give us a call and we will help you determine which filters and hardware you may require.

For Typical hookup, see section on Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Installation

  Applications Features
Manufacturer Filter Part # Organic Chem Good Hazardous Corrosive Particulates Oil Vapor Filter Element Disposable
Alcatel 68316 Good No Good Excel. Yes No Plastic
Alcatel 66827 Good No Good Excel. Yes No Plastic
Balston CV-0112-371H Good Yes Good Excel. No Yes SS
Balston CV-0118-371H Good Yes Good Excel. No Yes SS
Balston 9955-12-371H Good No Good Good No Yes Plastic
Balston 18/18-371H Good No Good Excel. No Yes Steel
SIS HIS-08 Good No Good Excel. Yes No SS
SIS HIS-18 Good No Good Excel. Yes No SS
Koby KA-1 Excel. No Good Excel. No Yes Steel
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  • SIS™ All-In-OneSIS™ All-In-One (3)
    6.25" high, low cost, combined oil mist eliminator and charcoal filter proven effective for removing volatile and semi-volatile organics from exhaust of vacuum pumps.
  • SIS™ Vacuum Pump Filter KitsSIS™ Vacuum Pump Filter Kits
  • SIS™ Charcoal Trapping Exhaust FilterSIS™ Charcoal Trapping Exhaust Filter (2)
    SIS Charcoal Filters, with Replaceable Elements Small compact straight-through inlet air filters with replaceable hockey puck filter element. Flow through capacity up to 35 CFM (43m3/hr). Now available in two inlet sizes Applications Vacuum Pump Exhaust Low Pressure Applications Vacuum Packaging Intake Suction Filters Vacuum Lifters Pneumatic Conveyers Factory Automation Leak Detection Woodworking Intake Suction Filters Features Activated Carbon Replaceable Filter Element High Efficiency Filtrat
  • SIS™ Oil Mist EliminatorSIS™ Oil Mist Eliminator
  • Exhaust SystemExhaust System (6)
    Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter System from SIS SIS has recently introduced vacuum pump filter kits for the rough pumps on your MS systems. These systems are recommended for areas where it is not possible or practical to exhaust the MS vacuum pumps outside the building. The filter system consists of two layered filters. The first filter is an oil mist eliminator, which captures the heavy hydrocarbons from the vacuum pump exhaust and returns these oils back into the pump. The second stage of filtering
  • AlcatelAlcatel
    Alcatel Oil Mist Eliminators Eliminates annoying problems caused by oil mists from vacuum pumps Eliminate oil fumes Reduce chance of computer head crashes Prevent carcinogenic and caustic fume emissions Prevent loss of pump oil Returns used oil to pump Clamps or screws onto the Alcatel pumps Top hose nipple accepts exhaust hose When vacuum pumps are first turned on they usually emit a considerable quantity of oil vapors into the air. This oil mist not only contains oil but it also contains any c
  • BalstonBalston
    Oil Mist Eliminators CV-0118-37H The Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter System Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters utilize Microfibre Filter Cartridges. The filter cartridges capture the fine oil droplets suspended in exhaust air, and cause the droplets to run together to form large drops within the depth of the filter cartridge. The large drops are then forced by the air flow to the downstream surface of the filter cartridge, from which the oil drains by gravity. This process is called "co
  • KobyKoby (2)
    Koby Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters Removes Contaminants From Vacuum Pump Exhausts Features Purifies Exhaust Gases from Vacuum Pumps Adsorbs Organic Vapors and Small Particles 50 Grams of Activated Charcoal in Each Trap High Efficiency Filtration Minimal Pressure Drop Low Operating Cost Maintenance Free Completely Disposable Pressure Safe to 90 PSI Easily Installed and Replaced Equalizes Air Flow Helps Maintain Safe Working Environment ¼" NPT Brass Male Fittings Koby Installation Schemati
  • Stainless SteelStainless Steel
    Stainless Steel Oil Mist Eliminator Hermetic, Sealed, In-line Oil Mist Separator For Mechanical Vacuum Pumps 304 Stainless Steel Construction Replaceable filter element Protects laboratory environment Automatically returns captured oil into vacuum pump NW-25 fittings on both ends connect easily to pumps Strong, sturdy construction This new all stainless steel constructed oil mist eliminator easily mounts to a standard NW25 flange on the outlet port of most vacuum pumps. Pumps with other type out
  • InstallationInstallation
    Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters The drawings below show a typical exhaust filter installation using an alcatel Oil Mist Eliminator and Koby Air Filter for maximum filtration. The part numbers listed detail what must be ordered when installing on an alcatel or Edwards Vacuum pump. If you have a different vacuum pump or have any installation questions, give our technical support staff a call. General Description Koby® Exhaust Filters <--- KA1---> <--- QF25100SP25---> QF25100C QF25100AR
  Koby Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters Koby Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters (9)
  Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters Balston Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters
    Balston Vacuum Pump Inlet and Exhaust Filters
  Reitschle Filters Reitschle Filters
    Rietschle Vacuum Pump Filters
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