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The Industry Standard in Particle Optics Simulation Software


Description: SIMION Version 8.1 is a software package primarily used to calculate electric fields and the trajectories of charged particles in those fields when given a configuration of electrodes with voltages and particle initial conditions, including optional RF (quasistatic), magnetic field, and collisional effects. In this, SIMION 8.1 provides extensive supporting functionality in geometry definition, user programming, data recording, and visualization. It is an affordable but versatile platform, widely used for over 30 years to simulate lens, mass spec, and other types of particle optics systems.

Applications: SIMION 8.1 is suitable for a wide variety of systems involving 2D or 3D, static low-frequency (MHz) RF fields: from ion flight through simple electrostatic and magnetic lenses to particle guns to highly complex instruments, including time-of-flight, ion traps, quadrupoles, ICR cells, and other MS, ion source and detector optics.

For more information, please visit our web site dedicated to SIMION.

Software License

Please see the SIMION software license (for #SIMION81/A/U/U7/LK/LKU part numbers). In short each license generally allows one user or one computer (at your option).


Basic technical support: Limited, free, 1-year, phone/e-mail technical support is provided for SIMION. In addition, all users may use the online users group. Minor version (8.1.x) updates are included, which include bug fixes and certain feature enhancements. We officially indicate 1-year tech support, but we've generally not imposed a limit in practice. Your feedback and experiences with SIMION are important to us.

Extended technical support (# SIMIONS) is now available as a separate purchace for more involved tasks. These tasks may be more complicated or more time consuming than usual. Your funding can also make development (or custom modification) of specific features in SIMION a higher priority than otherwise. It is recommended to contact SIS about specific support needs before ordering SIMIONS. SIS can provide support for many types of custom programming, data conversion, SIMION topics, and even more general computer and other related topics.


Part No. Description Quantity
In Stock
new licenses
SIMION81 SIMION 8.1 Software YES $1207.005 or more: 5% off; 10 or more: 10% off.
SIMION81A SIMION 8.1 Software, Academic License (for US Academic/Government use only) YES $787.005 or more: 5% off; 10 or more: 10% off.
SIMION81AL SIMION 8.1 Lease Academic either 1yr single license or approx 1 month multiuser license YES $262.005 or more: 5% off; 10 or more: 10% off.
SIMION81LK SIMION 8.1 "lab kit" site license, for universities only, 30 seats YES $3622.005 or more: 5% off; 10 or more: 10% off.
SIMION81U SIMION 8.1 Upgrade from SIMION 8.0 YES $420.005 or more: 5% off; 10 or more: 10% off.
SIMION81U7 SIMION 8.1 Upgrade from SIMION 7.0 YES $945.005 or more: 5% off; 10 or more: 10% off.
SIMION81LKU SIMION 8.1 Lab Kit - Upgrade from SIMION 8.0 Lab Kit YES $950.005 or more: 5% off; 10 or more: 10% off.
special items
SIMIONV Virtual Device 21 Light - Third party geometry editor and data analysis programs for use with SIMION 7/8/8.1. (Not including hydrodynamics) 0*Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $450.00
SIMIONVH21 Virtual Device 21 Hydro. Hydrodynamics (inviscid supersonic compressible gas flow simulations like jets) 0Lead time for this non-stock item is approximately 7 days. $2000.00

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