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  • Academic SitesAcademic Sites
    The largest collection of Academic Mass Spectrometry links. Part of SIS's MSLinks section.
  • Government SitesGovernment Sites
    Links to government web sites with information on chromatography and mass spectrometry.
  • Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography CompaniesMass Spectrometry and Chromatography Companies
    Below is a list of mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, and related companies. The following list might not be up-to-date and certainly incomplete. Some companies have been acquired or their addresses changed, so refer to their web sites for the latest information. Mass Spectrometry Chromatography Other Companies (components, test equipment, computer, etc.) Old Companies (Historical) Mass Spectrometry Companies 1st Detect 401 Congress Ave, Suite 1650 555 Forge River Road, Suite 100 Austin, TX ...
  • Other Web SitesOther Web Sites
    Links to Mass Spectrometry sites.
  • Independent Service TechniciansIndependent Service Technicians
    List of independent service companies, mass spectrometry and chromatography
  • Mass Spectrometer Service LabsMass Spectrometer Service Labs
    Mass spectrometer contract labs or mass spec service labs that can provide mass spec sample analysis.
  • University Mass Spec Laboratory FacilitiesUniversity Mass Spec Laboratory Facilities
    The following in a collection of major university mass spectrometer facilities.
  • Training & CoursesTraining & Courses
    Further your education in the field of mass spectrometry.
  • ASMS NewsASMS News
    For the latest ASMS information, visit the ASMS Home Page. What is ASMS? The American Society of Mass Spectrometry is the backbone organization of mass spectrometer users throughout the world. The purpose of the organization is to promote and disseminate knowledge about mass spectrometry and allied topics. Membership includes over 3,500 scientists from academic, industrial and governmental laboratories. Their disciplines include chemistry, geology, biological sciences, environmental sciences, f...
  • Local
MS Groups & Meeting SchedulesLocal MS Groups & Meeting Schedules
    Index to meetings and conferences for Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography
  • Mass
Spec Usenet News GroupMass Spec Usenet News Group
    sci.techniques.mass-spec is a Usenet Newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of all areas of mass spectrometry. The newsgroup is intended to serve as a general discussion forum relating to mass spectrometry. We have found this forum to be an excellent place to ask questions about mass spec problems, solicit imput and ideas from other mass spec users and to dissipate information on items of interest to the mass spec community. Georgia Institute of Technology Tech Page Google Groups Page
  • local page on EASlocal page on EAS
    The Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS) (http://www.eas.org/) is a yearly conference on analytical instrumentation and supplies. Archive of Publications Scientific Instrument Services presented the following lectures and posters at the 1995 EAS meeting at the Garden State Convention Center in Somerset, NJ, November 12-17, 1995. "Selection and Use of Adsorbent Resins for Purge and Trap Thermal Desorption Applications" Poster Presentation #165 by John J. Manura. Tuesday, November 14, 1995 at 10:00...
  • Local U.S. Chromatography Discussion GroupsLocal U.S. Chromatography Discussion Groups
    The following local chromatography discussion groups provide chromatographers the opportunity to meet with other chromatographers to discuss their work and to mix socially with peers.
  • Employment Opportunities at SIS
  or Other LocationsEmployment Opportunities at SIS or Other Locations
    The following positions available and wanted are listed as a service to our customers. S.I.S. assumes no responsibility for any listing. If interested you should contact the person or company as listed below. Positions available or wanted will be listed for 60 days after which they will be removed unless otherwise requested. If you would like to include your listing, please give us a call. Positions Available at Scientific Instrument Services Other Positions Available (none currently listed)
  • Exact Masses and Isotopic Abundances of the ElementsExact Masses and Isotopic Abundances of the Elements
    Name, symbol, mass and abundance of all isotopes.
MS links is designed to be an information source for the entire mass spectrometer community. We hope that the following information, literature and reference sites will be of use to you. Your frequent use of these sites as well as your additional input is encouraged. If you have any suggestions for additional information to be included or if you would like to make a contribution to its content, we would like to hear from you. Please tell any organizations that you contact that you found them through the SIS web site.


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Mass Spec Software Tools

Mass Spectrometry Tools Exclusively available from SIS

SIS has written the following online programs as tools for use by the mass spec community. The programs are designed to be used on line. If you have any additional suggestions on how to improve these programs or additional programs that should be made available, we would like to hear from you.

  • Isotope Distribution Calculator and Mass Spec Plotter
    Just type in the chemical formula and this program will calculate the intensity of each mass isotope in the species. The analysis can be done in both high and low resolution. The program can also plot either calculated or manually inputted isotopic distributions, and the mass range can be scaled for better view the data.
  • Mass Spectrum Generator
    Just type in the mass spec peaks and their relative intensities and this program will generate a mass spectrum plot. The plot mass range can then be scaled to better view the relationship of the ions.
  • Exact Mass Calculator, Single Isotope Version
    Type in molecular formula and this program quickly calculates the exact mass of a single isotope.

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