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  • Viton® and Kalrez®Viton® and Kalrez® (2) $0.48+
    O-Rings are available in five different materials from Scientific Instrument Services.
  • Buna-NBuna-N
    O-Rings are available in five different materials from Scientific Instrument Services.
  • SiliconeSilicone $0.91+
    O-Rings are available in five different materials from Scientific Instrument Services.
    PTFE is a popular o-ring which is white in color. The PTFE o-rings are popular for use in applications which require a chemically resistant and non-compressible material.
  • Gold, Platinum, Silver/TinGold, Platinum, Silver/Tin
    Pure gold (99.99%) and pure platinum (99.99%) wire ring vacuum gaskets can be constructed from four diameters of wire; i.e. 0.020", 0.025", 0.031", and 0.040" diameters.
  • Metric O-RingsMetric O-Rings $4.75+
    Hardness range is 70 to 80 Shore A durometer.
  • O-Ring KitsO-Ring Kits (3) $187.50+
    This convenient o-ring kit contains 30 of the most popular sizes, for a total of 380 o-rings, in one convenient kit.
  • Gold Foil and Gasket MaterialGold Foil and Gasket Material $156+
    Pure gold wire (24K, 99.99% pure) for use in gold gasket fabrication.
  • Viton, PTFE and Silicone Sheet MaterialViton, PTFE and Silicone Sheet Material $67.25+
    These sheets are particularly well suited for cutting your own gaskets and seals.
Material for O-Rings

O-Ring Types Available

O-Rings are available in five different polymer materials as well as Gold and Platinum from Scientific Instrument Services. For a complete description of each of the types, select the type of material listed above.

O-Ring Dimension and Availability Charts

O-Rings are available in sizes (sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3) which correspond to the diameter of the cross section of the O-Ring. Within these groups the O-Rings are classified according to their inside diameter. In addition O-Ring Kits of the most popular sizes of O-Rings are available in both Buna and Viton®. If the size you require is not listed, it may still be available. Contact us with your requirements.



Cross Section

Diameter (in.)

Minimum Inside

Diameter (in.)

Maximum Inside

Diameter (in.)

Size - 0 0.04 to 0.07 0.031 5.25
Size - 1 1/16 (0.063) 0.0625 9.75
Size - 2 1/8 (0.125) 0.1875 18
Size - 3 3/16 (0.188) 0.4375 11.5

Comparision of O Materials Used in the Construction of O-Rings

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages as listed in the chart below, and the type required depends on the O-Ring application. Of the various types of O-Rings available from SIS, Viton® is the most popular for mass spectrometers and other laboratory instruments. This is due to Viton®'s high temperature stability and good resistance to chemicals and ozone. Gold gaskets are used to make high vacuum and high temperature seals on vacuum flanges.

Property Buna-N Viton® Silicone PTFE Kalrez®
Part No. Prefix B- V- S- T- K-
Tear Resistance Good Good Poor Excellent Good
Abrasive Resistance Good Good Poor Excellent Good
Ozone Resistance Poor Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
Weather Resistance Fair Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
Heat Resistance Fair Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
Chemical Resistance Fair Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
Oil Resistance Poor Excellent Poor Good Excellent
Acid Resistance Fair Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
Alkali Resistance Good Good Fair Excellent Excellent
Steam Resistance Fair Fair Poor Good Excellent
Minimum Usable Temp -65 deg F

-54 deg C

-65 deg F

-54 deg C

-120 deg F

-85 Deg C

-110 deg F

-79 deg C

-35 deg F

-37 deg C

Maximum Usable Temp 300 deg F

150 deg C

500 deg F

260 deg C

450 deg F

232 deg C

500 deg F

260 deg C

550 deg F

288 deg C

Color Black Black Red White Black
Impermeability Fair Good Poor Excellent Good
Tensile Strength Good Good Poor Excellent Good

Kalrez® and Viton® are registered trademarks of E. I. DuPont de Nemours
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  • MSMS (7)
    MS supplies and services including new and repaired filaments, source cleaning, electron multipliers, heaters, temperature controllers, probes, vials, calibration compounds, ceramics, Micro-Mesh® abrasives, cleaning supplies, SIMION®, and NIST (mass spectral library).
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    Table of Contents of the Scientific Instrument Services general catalog volume 36.
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