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MS Tools

Mass Spec Tools is designed to be an information source for the mass spectrometer community. We hope that the following information, tools, and references will be of use to you. If you have any suggestions for additional information to be included or if you would like to make a contribution to its content, we would like to here from you.

Mass Spec Software Tools - from SIS

SIS has written the following online programs as tools for use by the mass spec community. The programs are designed to be used on line (no need to download). If you have any additional suggestions on how to improve these programs or additional programs that should be made available, we would like to hear from you.

  • Isotope Distribution Calculator and Mass Spec Plotter
    Just type in the chemical formula and this program will calculate the intensity of each mass isotope in the species. The analysis can be done in both high and low resolution. The program can also plot either calculated or manually inputted isotopic distributions, and the mass range can be scaled for better view the data.
  • Mass Spectrum Generator
    Just type in the mass spec peaks and their relative intensities and this program will generate a mass spectrum plot. The plot mass range can then be scaled to better view the relationship of the ions.
  • Exact Mass Calculator, Single Isotope Version
    Type in molecular formula and this program quickly calculates the exact mass of a single isotope.

Other Mass Spec Tools and Aids

Isotopic Abundances of the Elements

Click on the element in the chart below to view a graphic presentation of the Isotopes of the Element.

Periodic Table 

Here is another periodic table (Lenntech)--includes health and environmental effects (multilingual).

Also see MS Software 

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