Liquid Chromatography Supplies

SIS supplies products for your liquid chromatograph, including columns, electrospray tips, fittings, syringes and more from leading manufacturers such as New Objective, Optimize, SGE, ASI, New Era, Nanoliter, KD Scientific, Next Advance, VICI and Imtakt.


Electrospray LC/MS

  • Tips - ESI/Emitter & TaperTipsTips - ESI/Emitter & TaperTips
    Electrospray tips (for all applications from Micro to Nanoflow ESI) available from Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
  • Columns - PicoFrit®Columns - PicoFrit®
    PicoFrit® - columns eliminates band broadening, sprays directly for columns to inlet minimizing post column loss.
  • Nanospray Source - PicoView®Nanospray Source - PicoView®
    PicoView® ESI Sources available from SIS for Thermo and AB Sciex instruments.
  • Nanospray Sources - PicoView® DigitalNanospray Sources - PicoView® Digital
    Digital PicoView® Nanospray eliminates the need for manual , trial-and-error adjustment of emitter position and voltage for Thermo and AB Sciex instruments.
  • Nanospray AdaptorsNanospray Adaptors
    New Objective's PicoTip® and PicoFrit® adapters give you a cost-effective means for low-flow ESI. These adapters work with your current hardware to give you basic PicoTip or PicoFrit functionality.
  • Electrospray Emitter - PicoChip™Electrospray Emitter - PicoChip™
    PicoChip® nanospray sources provide unparalleled control and flexibility for a new level of high performance. True plug in play technology.
  • nanoLiter Programmable WavenanoLiter Programmable Wave
    Patented nL Programmable Wave. Program droplet energy, wave, polarity, locale & timing. 100% INPUT EFFICIENT ESI UPLC MS or MALDI PREP via the SAME IBF DEVICE!
  • APPI Source - SyagenAPPI Source - Syagen
    Syagen atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI) sources available from Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.