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Micro-Mesh® 5/8" x 5-3/4" 3 Way Buffer


The Micro-Mesh® buffers are ideal for getting into tight spaces or for use in any other place where a stiff backing is preferable.  They are used just like the Micro-Mesh Sheets, starting with the coarsest area of the board and working down to the finest area. 

How to Use

Use Pink (Micro-Mesh 2400), then White (Micro-Mesh 4000), then Gray (Micro-Mesh 12000) to buff, polish, and shine nails to a natural shine without nail polish. Also great for polishing small acrylic pieces such as acrylic watch crystals and models.

Part No. Width (in)Length (in)UOM Picture Quantity
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Price Quantity
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4N0231 Micro-Mesh 3 Way Buffer
5/85-3/4EAthumbnail 101$3.38[*M][*M] 100 or more: 20% off; 200 or more: 35% off.
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