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Clean Tex Cloths

Wipes are disposable, 100% cellulose, lint-free cloths designed for cleaning areas where non-contamination is essential. They are ideal for wiping and cleaning magnetic tape drives, relays, contacts, and delicate electronic components.

Non-Contaminating - The lint-free and fuzz-free characteristics of 100% cellulose wipes allow either dry or solvent cleaning without depositing cloth residue on sensitive surfaces. Wipes are non-halogen and suitable for use in all critical applications where strict, contamination control is essential. Clean Tex tightly woven construction of 178 threads per square inch sets the standard for the highest quality lint-free wiper available. The twill weave, designed for particle entrapment, permits particles of dust, grit, and grime to fall from contact surfaces into the weave pattern. The raised portion is then able to produce a gentle burnishing action, free from embedded particles previously removed. This ensures scratch-free wiping of the most delicate areas of data processing equipment, such as magnetic heads and other critical surfaces.

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