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Filament & Heater Wire Material

For the repair or manufacture of mass spec filaments and heaters

Scientific Instrument Services supplies a wide range of resistance type wires for the repair and manufacture of filaments and heaters for mass spectrometers, SEM's and scientific instruments. Wires such as rhenium, tungsten, platinum, and tantalum are often used for these applications.

Thermocouple wires such as constantan and iron can be used to manufacture your own thermocouples. In addition we supply a wide range of high purity wires including gold, silver and platinum for a wide range of uses including gasket fabrication and sputter coating. In addition to the wires listed below we can obtain other sizes and types. Call with your specifications for a price quotation.

Quantity discounts - 10% discount on quantities of 10 or more feet with the exception of gold, silver, and platinum.

Additional types of wires available on special request. 10% discount on quantities of 10 or more feet on all wires except gold, silver and platinum.

  • Alumel (95% Al/5% NI) WireAlumel (95% Al/5% NI) Wire $2.50+
    Alumel is a nickel/aluminum magnetic alloy used in the production of thermocouples and thermocouple extension wires.
  • Chromalloy O WireChromalloy O Wire $3.90+
    Chromalloy O wire is an alloy wire used at operating temperatures up to 1200°C. Its chemical composition gives good oxidation resistance especially under conditions of frequent switching or wide temperature fluctuations. Applications include heating elements in both domestic and industrial appliances and in control resistors.
  • Chromel (90% NI/10% CR) WireChromel (90% NI/10% CR) Wire $2.80+
    Chromel is a nickel/chromium alloy used in the production of thermocouples and thermocouple extension wires.
  • Constantan (55% CU/45%NI) WireConstantan (55% CU/45%NI) Wire $2.75+
    Constantan is a copper/nickel alloy used in the production of thermocouples and thermocouple extension wires as well as precision resistors and low temperature resistance heating applications.
  • Copper Wire (OFHC)Copper Wire (OFHC) $1.30+
    Copper wire has an extremely high electrical conductivity making it highly suitable for electrical connections and thermal conductivity applications.
  • Gold WireGold Wire $156+
    High purity gold wire for a wide range of uses including gasket fabrication and sputter coating and other scientific applications.
  • Inconel 600 & X750 WireInconel 600 & X750 Wire $17+
    Inconel wire is a nickel-chromium alloy wire for applications requiring good resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures.
  • Iridium Wire & RibbonIridium Wire & Ribbon $97+
    Iridium wire is the most corrosion-resistant wire known, and is often used for the manufacture and repair of filaments and heaters and electrical applications.
  • Iron WireIron Wire $2.75+
    Iron wire is a resistance type wire often used for the manufacture and repair of filaments and heaters.
  • Kovar WireKovar Wire $8.40+
    Kovar wire is a nickel iron alloy commonly used in lead wire for mercury switches and in semiconductor devices. It is also widely used in power tubes, microwave tubes, diodes, and transistors.
  • 50%Moly/50% Rhenium Wire50%Moly/50% Rhenium Wire $13+
    Molybdenum wire is used in a broad range of applications in many industries. Mandrels for making tungsten filaments along with leads, filament supports, and seals are among a few.
  • Nichrome (80% NI/20% CR) Wire & RibbonNichrome (80% NI/20% CR) Wire & Ribbon $2.50+
    Nichrome is a non-magnetic alloy of nickel and chromium. Nichrome is widely used in heating elements. It is wound in wire coils to a certain electrical resistance, and current passed through to produce heat.
  • Nickel Wire & RibbonNickel Wire & Ribbon $6.90+
    Nickel wire provides good corrosion resistance. It is most suitable for use in electronic components, temperature sensors, electrical resistance thermometers and other electrical applications.
  • NI52 Alloy (50% NI/50% FE) WireNI52 Alloy (50% NI/50% FE) Wire $19.30+
    NI52 is a nickel iron alloy suitable for glass and ceramic sealing to metal. It is commonly used in magnetic reed blade switches, lead wire for mercury switches and in semiconductor devices.
  • Platinum Wire & RibbonPlatinum Wire & Ribbon $81+
    Platinum Wire is used in many applications including gasket or o-ring fabrication, thermocouples, electrical contacts, and heater coils.
  • Rhenium Wire & RibbonRhenium Wire & Ribbon $44+
    Rhenium Wire and Ribbon is used to manufacture filaments for mass spectrometers and ion gauges as well as medical applications.
  • Rhenium /  Tungsten Wire & RibbonRhenium / Tungsten Wire & Ribbon $11+
    Rhenium/Tungsten Wire and Ribbon is used in the manufacture of mass spectrometer filaments and heater coil as well as in the manufacture of thermocouples.
  •  Rhodium /  Platinum Wire Rhodium / Platinum Wire $68+
    Rhodium/Platinum wire and ribbon are highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures and are used in the production of thermocouples
  • Silver Wire & RibbonSilver Wire & Ribbon $17.75+
    Silver wire and ribbon has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals. It is used to make lead wires for some mass spectrometer filaments and heaters.
  • Stainless Steel Wire & Ribbon, Type 302 & 304Stainless Steel Wire & Ribbon, Type 302 & 304 $5+
    Stainless Steel wire does not stain, corrode or rust easily as ordinary steel wire. This makes it useful in the manufacture of filament post material for mass spectrometer filaments 302 Stainless Steel Wire W222 : 302 Stainless Steel Wire, Diameter (in)=0.005, Diameter (mm)=0.13, (ohms/cm)=0.56960 304 Stainless Steel Wire W224 : 304 Stainless Steel Wire, Diameter (in)=0.010, Diameter (mm)=0.25, (ohms/cm)=0.14464,W225 : 304 Stainless Steel Wire, Diameter (in)=0.014, Diameter (mm)=0.36, (ohms/cm)
  • Tantalum Wire & RibbonTantalum Wire & Ribbon $10+
    Tantalum Wire and Ribbon is corrosion resistant and has good thermal conductivity. Some of its uses is in the manufacture of heating elements, vacuum tubes and other high temperature parts
  • 90% Tantalum / 10% Tungsten Wire & Ribbon90% Tantalum / 10% Tungsten Wire & Ribbon $16+
    Tantalum/Tungsten Wire and Ribbon has excellent corrosion resistance and is used in the manufacture of heating elements.
  • Trophet Trophet "C" Wire $8+
    For the Repair or Manufacture of Mass Spec Filaments and Heaters
  • Tungsten Wire & RibbonTungsten Wire & Ribbon $9.50+
    Tungsten is practically the only material used for electron emitters. The advantage of tungsten is its extremely low vapor pressure even at high temperatures.
  • NEW - SISAlloy™ (Yttria/Rhenium Alloy)NEW - SISAlloy™ (Yttria/Rhenium Alloy) $45+
    SIS introduces their new Yttria Rhenium alloy filament wire. In these studies we have discovered that by alloying Rhenium with a small concentration of Yttria, the crystal structure of the rhenium material was altered, which resulted in a stronger filament that is much less susceptible to warping

Index of Wires and Ribbons

  • Heater CoilsHeater Coils $12.50+
    Standard size coils are used on several mass spectrometer heaters repaired by S.I.S.
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  • FilamentsFilaments (19)
    SIS has been repairing and manufacturing filaments for mass spectrometers, x-ray systems, leak detectors and other scientific instruments since 1978. We have also redesigned and manufactured many of these filaments to provide superior performance and longer life and can custom design/manufacture filaments to your specifications.
  • Mass Spectrometer Supplies & Services (Catalog A1)Mass Spectrometer Supplies & Services (Catalog A1)
    SIS Vol. 36 catalog Section A - MS Supplies and Services.
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  • VacuumVacuum (2)
    Vacuum supplies and services, including ion gauge tubes/controllers, rough and diffusion pumps, fluids, oils, greases, waxes, hose, charcoal filters, oil mist eliminators, foreline traps, gold/platinum gaskets,fittings, flanges, o-rings, ...
  • Print CatalogPrint Catalog
    Table of Contents of the Scientific Instrument Services general catalog volume 36.
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