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Filament & Heater Wire Material

For the repair or manufacture of mass spec filaments and heaters

Scientific Instrument Services supplies a wide range of resistance type wires for the repair and manufacture of filaments and heaters for mass spectrometers, SEM's and scientific instruments. Wires such as rhenium, tungsten, platinum, and tantalum are often used for these applications.

Thermocouple wires such as constantan and iron can be used to manufacture your own thermocouples. In addition we supply a wide range of high purity wires including gold, silver and platinum for a wide range of uses including gasket fabrication and sputter coating. In addition to the wires listed below we can obtain other sizes and types. Call with your specifications for a price quotation.

Quantity discounts - 10% discount on quantities of 10 or more feet with the exception of gold, silver, and platinum.

Index of Wires and Ribbons

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Additional types of wires available on special request. 10% discount on quantities of 10 or more feet on all wires except gold, silver and platinum.

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