Velos Ion Transfer Tubes

Velos Ion Transfer Tubes
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Price: 225
Product ID : SIS20606
SIS20606IS Options=Ion Transfer Tube Velos with 2 cm extension OEM=Thermo 7005-20606 SIS20606 Options=Ion Transfer Tube Velos OEM=Thermo 7005-20606


  • SIS #SIS20606 replaces Thermo p/n 70005-20606
    used on the the LTQ Velos™, Velos Pro™, LTQ Orbitrap Velos™, Exactive Plus™, TSQ Endura™, and Orbitrap Fusion™.
  • SIS #SIS20606IS includes an extended tubing for DART® and DESI applications (which have a 2-cm extended tubing).
  • Additional tubing extension lengths are available - contact us for a quotation.

Cost savings alternative compared to OEM.


Drawings measured in inches.

PN# SIS20606

PN# SIS20606IS
with 2 cm extended tubing

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