SGE Septa for Perkin Elmer

Catalog D15
SGE Septa for Perkin Elmer
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Name Description Material Max Temp Image
GP General purpose septa are designed for non-demanding, routine applications Silicone 200 °C
EC Combines significantly longer injection life, low bleed and low injection port adhesion High temperature silicone 400 °C, 330 °C for 17mm size
MN Premium septum for autosamplers with up to 400 injections per septum High temperature silicone 320 °C
HT Bleed and temperature optimized, combined with outstanding mechanical properties for the highest temperature applications. Retains softness and pierceability at high temperatures and low injection port adhesion. BTO silicone 350 °C
Perkin Elmer Septa for instrument models Sigma, 900, 990, 3920, 8300, 8400, 8500, AutoSystem and Clarus 500, Diameter=11
Part No. Septum TypePack Size Price
041826 GP50 $40.90
041856 MN50 $92.10
041883 HT100 $141.20
041898 HT25 $42.00
041902 EC25 $37.90
041912 EC50 $70.10
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