Photonis 30097 Multiplier (4772H)
for Agilent 5989/A/B

Photonis 30097 Multiplier (4772H) for Agilent 5989/A/B
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Price: 917
Product ID : 30097
30097 Photonis Electron Multiplier, Instrument=Agilent Technologies 5989, MN #=05989-80002 [Agilent], Other=positive ion


For instruments: Agilent 5989/A/B (MS Engine)

  • Easy Replacement
  • Extended Linearity
  • Low Noise
  • Lower Cost
  • Longer Life
  • Greater Sensitivity
  • High Performance
  • Compact, On Axis Design
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Excellent Pulse Height Resolution

The Photonis Channeltron Mass Spec Detectors deliver high performance and are the preferred detector for mass spectrometers. A 100% test and inspection policy guarantees customers the highest quality and most reliable mass spectrometer detectors.


For instruments: Agilent 5989/A/B (MS Engine)

OEM #: 05989-80002 with HED, 05989-80043 without HED

Channeltron® Electron Multipliers offer the highest dynamic range to assure a linear response beyond the limit of most analytic instruments. Recent improvements in design have resulted in higher voltage operation, improved ion-to-electron conversion yields, and better sensitivity at higher masses.

Additionally, any of our Channeltron® Electron Multipliers can be ordered as complete assemblies to replace current detector assemblies in most mass spectrometers.

PHOTONIS manufactures Channeltron® Electron Multipliers in a wide range of shapes and sizes for many current and legacy mass spectrometers. Cones, grids, coatings, collectors and leads can all be specified, or you can choose one of our many standardized models. Our exclusive Extended Dynamic Range option can be added to any order, extending the dynamic range of your CEM, and enhancing its useful lifetime far beyond those of other manufacturers.


Electron Multipliers for Agilent (H.P.) Model 5989 Mass Specs

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Model 4772H (PN 30097).

Four styles of multipliers are used on all models of Agilent (Hewlett Packard) mass spectrometers.


Photonis Electron Multipliers are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the world. It is warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship for one year after installation. In addition, if you install your electron multiplier and are not completely satisfied with its performance, return it promptly for replacement or refund.

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