Thermo/Finnigan MAT PPINICI(TM) Multipliers

PPINICI Electron Multiplier for Thermo/Finnigan MS
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Complete Multiplier

Model 4752 - multiplier showing installation of conversion dynode.

The Finnigan MAT PPINICI(TM) Multipliers are sold in two different modes or stages of construction, as described below for use on the 3200, 4000, 4500, 4600, 5100, and Incos 50 series of mass spectrometers. The suffix in the part number indicates the mode.


Bare (-No Suffix) - This is the bare multiplier without any conversion dynodes. Since conversion dynodes are normally reusable on the PPINICI multipliers, they can easily be transferred to the bare multiplier. This process is not difficult and requires only a few small hand tools. The conversion dynodes are attached to the multiplier ceramic supports by four small screws and nuts. These dynodes do not normally go bad and may be reused many times unless they are mechanically damaged. On a few of the early PPINICI multipliers, the leads from the dynodes were attached to the ceramic side supports with spotwelded bands. If you want to keep the same configuration, you will need a miniature spotwelder. The complete procedure for the transfer of the dynodes on the PPINICI multiplier is described in Volume I of The Mass Spec Handbook of Service.

S.I.S. Conversion (-Con) - For this mode you will need to send your old PPINICI style multiplier to us and we will transfer the conversion dynodes to the new multiplier.

Our procedures include the cleaning of the conversion dynodes from your old multiplier, removal of the dynode leads and ceramics and replacing these leads and ceramics with new parts. Dynode screens are replaced when damaged. The new leads are spotwelded thoroughly to the conversion dynodes, and the assemblies are transferred to the new multiplier. After this procedure is completed , the new multiplier can be shipped to you the same day that we receive your old multiplier.

Complete (-P) - Scientific Instrument Services can no longer offer the complete PPINICI multiplier since Finnigan MAT Corp. retains the patent on this product and will not supply us with parts.

Finnigan 3200 PPINICI Multipliers - The base of the PPINICI multiplier used on the Finnigan MAT 3200 series mass spectrometers has the "Z" shaped shield rotated 180° from that used on the other instruments. A standard PPINICI multiplier can be converted for use in a 3200 PPINICI by removing this shield, rotating it 180°, and respotwelding it in place. This procedure must be done with great care so as not to damage the glass detector of the grids. S.I.S. will perform this alteration, at no additional charge. Please specify that the multiplier is to be used on a Finnigan 3200 instrument by adding the suffix -3200 to the part numbers below when ordering.

Burle - The Burle multipliers are the original continuous dynode electron multipliers used by Finnigan in the PPINICI multipliers. The model 4752 is the bare multiplier without the conversion dynodes.

All models come with a one year prorated warranty.

Butle 30082 Multiplier (Conversion)
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PPINICI(TM) is a trademark of Finnigan MAT Corp.
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