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Scientific Instrument Services on the World Wide Web

Scientific Instrument Services introduced its WEB site in September 1995. Since that time the usage of the information our our site has continued to grow as more chemists and technicians gain access to the WEB and the resources that are found here. The initial goal of our WEB site was to make information available to our customer base. This includes the Application Notes that we have written on Mass Spectrometers and Thermal Desorption Systems, as well as new reference materials such as the Breakthrough Volumes for Thermal Desorption Resins. Therefore during the first 6 months that we were on line we created MS LINKS - a collection of reference and information sources for the mass spectrometer user. After that we began to incorporate the products in our catalog into our WEB site. To date we have finished installing the entire mass spec, desorption and vacuum sections of our catalog. Our goal is to eventually put our entire catalog on line with additional information on all of our products. We have been quite pleased with the response by our customers and the new leads that this advertising medium has generated.

The chart above and table below summarizes the use of our Internet pages. "Total Hits" refers to the total number of files which were accessed by people visiting our sites. Each time a page or file is downloaded or read into someone's computer it is counted. We presently have about 1200 pages and 1800 graphic images on our system and most are read at least once in any one month. Unique Hosts refers to the number of unique computer systems accessing our site. A Unique Host may contain hundreds of individual PC or computers or in the case of servers like AOL or Compuserve which have tens of thousands of individual users for each unique host. Megabits of Data Transferred refers to the total amount of data transferred in and out of our server.

Summary of the Internet Use of SIS WEB Pages

Sept. 95 Oct. 95 Nov. 95 Dec. 95 Jan. 96 Feb. 96 Mar. 96 Apr. 96 May 96 June 96 July 96 Aug. 96 Sep.96 Oct 96 Nov. 96 Dec. 96 Jan. 97
Total Hits 10,400 13,084 35,500 37,097 44,978 66,357 71,543 82,075 84,000 94,000 102,450 110,998 120,000 141,262 156,777 162,709 201,960
Unique Hosts   585 1,581 1,795 2,036 2,831 3,142 3,790 3,900 4,327 5,816 6,347 7,106 9.756 9438 10,221 12,817
Megabites Data   40.8 98 106 108 185 220 332 410 500 564 582 663 864 842 900 1,147

International Use of SIS WEB Pages

The major use of our WEB pages is by the US market. However, about 30% of the Internet contacts accesing our WEB site are from other countries. The chart below lists the percentage use of our WEB sites by country. Although our pages are accessed world wide, only the coutries whose use exceeds 0.5% are listed below. The follwing data is for the first 15 days of September, 1996.

US Commercial 44% United Kingdom 2%
US Educational 20% France 2%
US Government 6% Netherlands 2%
Japan 5% Italy 2%
Canada 4% South Korea 1%
Sweeden 4% Israel 1%
Australia 3% Spain 1%
Germany 2% Brazil 1%

TOP 20 Accessed Pages

Our WEB Site consists of more than 1200 pages of information. Below are listed the pages that receive the major use by our customner base. The below data is for the time period Aug 1 through September 15, 1996.

SIS Home Page 2836 Adsorbent Resins Index 277
SIS Page Search 1314 MS Tools 275
Software 553 Mass Spec software 241
MS LINKS 523 MSDS Reference Index 248
Employment Section 496 SIMION 3D Reference 216
Equipment For Sale/Wanted 492 Mass Spectrum Generator 277
Isotope Abundance Calculator 393 Whats New 190
Software/Freeware 378 SIs Dealers List 180
SIS Products Index 371 Mail List Update 152
SIS Catalog Request 311 Ordering Information 174

What's NEW on the SIS WEB pages?


Although many of our products are included in our WEB pages, the major goal of our WEB site is to disseminate information to our scientific instrument customer base. MS LINKS was designed as the section to contain the majority of this information. In this section we have included a large number of reference materials, abstracts and reprints of articles that we have written over the last 10 years, lists of aids for the mass spec user including lists of independent servicemen and employment opportunities, hyperlinks to mass spec and GC companies, ASMS news, news and information from local mass spec users groups, and many other items of interest to the mass spectrometer user. We are always open for new suggestions, so if you would like to see something else included in these pages, give us a call or send us an E-Mail or sign into our Guest Book (link outdated).

One of the most popular reference tools in this section are the Thermal Desorption Breakthrough Volume Tables. This is the accumulation of more than 6 months of work in which we analyzed 200 organic analytes on 7 different thermal desorption adsorbent resins, such as Tenax® TA, in order to determine the breakthrough volumes for each of the analytes on each adsorbent resin as a function of temperature. The amount of data generated in this study extensive and was too much to have published in a research journal but not enough to publish in book format. Therefore this previously iunpublished data was published on our WEB site in order to distribute this information to the scientific community. The use of these pages and tables has been extensive by scientists doing thermal desorption type analysis and their response has been quite enthusiastic.


In addition to the popular MS LINKS pages we have added a new section called MS TOOLS. This section is being designed as a collection of reference aids and software tools of interest to the Mass Spectrometer user. One feature is the Periodic Chart of the elements with hyperlinks for each of the elements. On these element pages we have the general information of interest to the mass spectrometer user on each element including the exact masses of the isotopes of each element as well as the isotopic abundances both in table form as well as graphic chart form. Our new online programs include an Exact Mass and Isotopic Abundance Calculator and a Mass Specrum Generator. Use this online program to generate a mass spectrum from your raw data or type in the chemical formula and the Isotopic Abundance Calculator will generate a spectrum of all the calculated isotopes and theri relative abundances. Also included in this section is a list of Software, complete with hyperlinks, relating to mass spec, much of which is available as Shareware for downloading on the Internet. Additional items are planned for the future including lists of mass spec neutral loss groups and common mass spec peaks. If you would like to contribute any of your ideas or software to this site, please give us a call. All authors will receive credit for their contributions.

Scientific Software

SIS recently added more than 2000 scientific software titles to our catalogs. A catalog describing all of the software is available if you give us a call or it is available on our WEB pages. The WEB pages have the advantage of being constantly updated with new software titles and the software can be organized by various means including alphabetically, by field of interest (i.e. mass spec) or by product manufacturer. In addition you can use our Search function on our WEB pages to quickly determine the availability of a product to serve your needs.

Check out the new Mass Spec Software Section for the complete list of software relating to mass spec. This includes not only software available for purchase from SIS, but also Shareware available for downloading on the Internet.

SIMION 3D - SIS is now the official dealer for the distribution of SIMION software, the industry standard for ion optics modeling and for mass spectrometer design. A complete description of the software, its features and other pertinent information is now available on our WEB pages. In addition a demo version of SIMION is available for free downloading from our pages. Several Application Notes on SIMION 3D are included here and more are planned for the future.

Guest Book (link outdated). - Also included on our WEB site is our Guest Book, in which customers are welcome to list a message for other viewers who visit our WEB site. If you are looking for information on mass spec or would like to make information known to the mass spec community, please visit this section and input your message. Or if you would just like to leave a message indicating your opinion about our WEB site, we would like to hear from you.

NEW Products

As we introduce new products, they will be featured first on our Internet Home pages. Due to the speed of this method of documentation, these new products can be listed and published faster than could be accomplished by other means of advertising or promotion. The following NEW Products available for SIS are now listed on our Internet pages.

Micro Cryo-Trap

Edwards Vacuum Pumps


Scientific Software

Our WEB pages are continually expanding. If you have any comments as to their contents or would like to suggest any improvements or new sections that should be included, we would like to hear from you. The following are a few of the many responses that we have recently received. We thank all of you who have responded. Your encouragement justifies our expansion of our WEB pages.

* I wanted to let you people know that I think you have a very well laid out web page with a wealth of mass spec information much of which is not directly related to your business. You are providing a service to the mass spectrometry community above and beyond what other companies (and many academic sites) offer over the Internet.

* Fantastic WWW site! Great graphical appearance and VERY comprehensive content. Other companies should follow your example. I'm sure I will be visiting often.

* Occasionally, I travel to different Web sites of companies in this industry to see how they are presenting their products through this medium. I just wanted to complement you on your web site. Of all the ones I've visited, yours appears to be the most informative. You manage to combine a soft sell approach with some real information on applications. This is where I believe that this particular communication medium shines.

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