SIS Products and Services

Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. is the largest independent specialist in mass spectrometry and chromatography. We supply over 20,000 parts and supplies. SIS is also an OEM manufacturer. We make parts for most of the mass spectrometer manufacturers. These include filaments, fittings, cryo-traps, probes, and interfaces.

  • Mass SpectrometryMass Spectrometry
    MS supplies and services including new and repaired filaments, source cleaning, electron multipliers, heaters, temperature controllers, probes, vials, calibration compounds, ceramics, Micro-Mesh® abrasives, cleaning supplies, SIMION®, and NIST (mass spectral library).
  • Gas ChromatographyGas Chromatography
    GC supplies, including SGE columns, capillary tubing, cryo-traps, injection port liners, pyrolysis, septa, ferrules, valves, Swagelok®, gas generators, regulators, filters, syringes, ...
  • Liquid ChromatographyLiquid Chromatography
    LC supplies, including Optimize LC filters, columns, cartridges, valves, SGE columns, tubing, syringes, fittings, New Objective electrospray tips, PicoView® sources, microwell plates, flow splitters, ...
  • Thermal Desorption (GC)Thermal Desorption
    Short Path Thermal Desorption Systems for the analysis of volatiles and semi-volatiles by GC and GC/MS. Systems, accessories, and application notes.
  • Vacuum SuppliesVacuum Supplies
    Vacuum supplies and services, including ion gauge tubes/controllers, rough and diffusion pumps, fluids, oils, greases, waxes, hose, charcoal filters, oil mist eliminators, foreline traps, gold/platinum gaskets,fittings, flanges, o-rings, ...
  • Laboratory SuppliesLaboratory Supplies
    Lab supplies for scientific applications. Includes cleaning products, bottles, vials, lubrication, tape, tubing, Dremel, ...
  • MS SoftwareMS Software
    Charged particle optics simulation with SIMION® 3D. Identify your mass spectra with NIST and Wiley database. Convert your spectra with GC/MS file converters.
  • Manufacturing ServicesManufacturing Services
    Manufacturing and machining for the scientific and medical industries. Quality - Value - Delivery. CNC, Finishing, Assembly, Welding, Laser TIG and Spot Welding, CAD-CAM, Cleaning, Inspection.