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Agilent (Hewlett Packard) Filament Repair

Agilent 5971/5972/5973/GCD Filament Repair

The Agilent (Hewlett Packard) 5971, GCD, 5972, and 5973 filaments can be repaired by S.I.S. We will completely clean the assembly and replace the rhenium filament wire. This is not an exchange program. Your filaments are repaired and returned to you. For a complete description of this repair service see the section on Mass Spectrometer Filament Repair and Manufacture.

HP 5971 Filament
5971 Filament
HP 5972/GCD Filament
5972/5973 Filament
HP 5973 Filament
5972/5973 CI Filament

Filament and Heater Repair Prices

Part No. Description UOM Quantity
In Stock
Price Quantity
to order
FILREP Filament Repair EA 0[*L]Standard lead-time for out-of-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $39.00[*C][*C] 6 or more: 5% off.

Please use Part No. FILREP for all filament repairs.

Filaments from various manufacturers and models can be combined to obtain the best prices.

Return Authorization numbers are not required.

Agilent 5970, 5988 and 5989 Filaments

The filaments for the HP 5970, 5987, 5988 and 5989 shown below are not repairable. They are only available as new replacement filaments. The low cost of these filaments makes them not repairable.

HP 5970 Filament
5970 Filament
HP 5989 Engine Filament
5989 Engine Filament
HPF1 Filament
HPF1 Filament Wire
HPF3 Filament
HPF3 Filament Support

NEW Agilent Filaments

Part No. Description HP # Quantity
In Stock
Price Quantity
to order
HPF4 HP 5970/5992 Filament 05990-60084 37$56.00[*E][*E] 6 or more: 5% off.
HPF2 H.P. Strap Filament 05985-61079 4$57.00[*E][*E] 6 or more: 5% off.
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