Thermo/Finnigan MAT Lens Heater Repair or New

Thermo/Finnigan 4000 Lens Heater Repair or New
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FFL4MM Lens Heater (REP43)

Lens Heater

FFL2CC Lens Heater (REP44)

Finnigan' lens heater (#40004-60300) and the S.I.S. manufactured heater (FFL-2CC) can both be repaired. Our repair includes disassembly of the lens heater, cleaning the ceramic insulating parts, and the installation of new heater wire and leads. The ceramic must be in good condition (not cracked in two) to complete the repair.

In addition, the original style Finnigan lens heater and the FFL2CC can be converted into our new style during repair. The new style single piece construction lens heater (SIS Part No. FFL4MM) eliminates many of the breakage problems common to the old style two piece construction. Please specify that the lens heaters are to be repaired in the FFL4MM configuration if you would prefer this new style. The cost for this conversion is $35.00 per lens.

Part No. Description Price
REP43 Repair of SIS Style Lens Heater $48.50
REP44 Repair of Standard Lens Heater $35.00
FFL2CC Standard Lens Heater, NEW (Finnigan #40004-60300) $99.00
FFL4MM S.I.S. Lens Heater, NEW $115.00
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