Thermo/Finnigan MAT 3200 Heater Repair or New

Thermo/Finnigan 3200 Heater Repair or New
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Finnigan #01554-20180

The Source Block Heaters for Finnigan 3000 series mass spectrometers includes parts as shown in the picture.

For replacement of the heater wire in your old ceramics on the Finnigan 3200 source heaters, ask for part REP42. New source heaters are also available.

Part No. Diameter (in)Diameter (mm)(ohms/cm) Price
W46 3% Rhenium/97% Tungsten Wire, per foot (Finnigan #00023-00400 / #0023-004000)
0.0070.1780.03906 $12.5010 or more: 5% off; 50 or more: 10% off.

* Indicate wire length in feet.

Part No. Description Price
FH1 Finnigan 3200 Source Block Heater (Finnigan #01554-20180) $65.00
REP42 Finnigan 3200 Source Heater Repair $50.00
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