IntegraFrit™ Sample Trap Inserts by New Objective

Catalog E10
New Objective IntegraFrit™ Sample Traps
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Optimized for Proteomics
IntegraFrit Sample Traps combined with Upchurch Scientific® Fittings are a perfect combination for concentrating and separating samples for mass spectrometry. Integrated with a titanium frit, the key to the sample trap is the 360 µm OD fused-silica tubing packed with one of our outstanding chemistries.

  • Trap column IDs of 75 µm, 100 µm, and 150 µm
  • Place in injection loop for sample prep
  • Use as nanobore guard column
  • Column length of 2.5 cm
  • Ideal for rapid sample analysis
  • Combine with an ultra-low volume (<2 nL) IntegraFrit as an outlet frit
  • Custom packing for other column IDs or user-supplied materials

Sample Trap Efficiency

Matching trap and analytical column sorbents result in improved peak resolution, higher overall loading capacity, and improved pep-tide recovery.

A 300 fmol BSA digest sample was prepared and run using two separate sample trap/column configurations:

-Right, top - Run using an IntegraFrit sample trap and a PicoFrit analytical column both packed with ProteoPep II C18 5 µm 300 Åchemistry.

-Right, bottom - Run using an IntegraFrit sample trap and a PicoFrit analytical column each packed with different chemistries.

Robust and Reliable

Like our PicoFrit and IntegraFrit columns, IntegraFrit sample trap columns are fabricated from 360 µm OD, polyimide-coated, fused-silica tubing. The ends of the precision cut 2.5 cm column of the fused-silica column is polished flat to ensure a clean connection.The chromatography bed is packed behind the frit.

New Objective Chemistries

Media Code Media Name Type/Size Supplier
H001 ProteoPep™ C18,5 µm,300Å New Objective
H002 ProteoPep™ II C18,5 µm,300Å New Objective
H003 ProteoPep™ III C18,1.8 µm,80Å New Objective
H020 Strong Cation Exc SCX,5 µm,85Å New Objective
H035 HALO® C18,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H036 HALO® C8,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H037 HALO® RP RP,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H038 HALO® HILIC 2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H039 HALO® PeptideES 2.7 µm,160Å AMT, Inc.
H050 BioBasic® C4, 5 µm,300Å Thermofisher
H051 BioBasic® C8,5 µm,300Å Thermofisher
H052 BioBasic® C18,5 µm,300Å Thermofisher
H053 AQUASIL C18,5 µm,100Å Thermofisher
H054 Betasil C18,5 µm,100Å Thermofisher
H060 BetaBasic® C8,5 µm,150Å Thermofisher
H061 BetaBasic® C18,5 µm,150Å Thermofisher
H062 Hypercarb C100,5 µm,250Å Thermofisher
H063 Hypercarb C100,7 µm,250Å Thermofisher
H070 HypersilGOLD™ C118,5 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H071 HypersilGOLD™ C118,5 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H072 HypersilGOLD PFP™ PFP,5 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H073 HypersilGOLD aQ™ C118,1.9 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H074 HypersilGOLD aQ™ C18,5 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H075 HypersilGOLD PFP™ PFP,1.9 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H076 HypersilGOLD PFP™ PFP,3 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H080 Prontosil C18 AQ,3 µm,120Å Thermofisher
H100 XBridge™ C8,3.5 µm,135Å Thermofisher
H101 XBridge™ C8,5 µm,135Å Thermofisher
H102 XBridge™ C18,3.5 µm,135Å Thermofisher
H103 XBridge™ C18,5 µm,135Å Thermofisher
H110 Xterra® C18,5 µm,125Å Thermofisher
H200 Inertsil® ODS-3™ C18,3 µm,100Å GL Sciences
H201 Inertsil® ODS-3™ C18,5 µm,100Å GL Sciences
H202 Inertsil® ODS-4™ C18,23 µm,100Å GL Sciences
H203 Inertsil® ODS-4™ C18,3 µm,100Å GL Sciences
H204 Inertsil® ODS-4™ C18,5 µm,100Å GL Sciences
H252 Magic AQ C18,5 µm,200Å Michrom
H253 Magic AQ C18,3 µm,200Å Michrom
H301 POROS R2 20 µm,2000Å Life Tech
H302 POROS R2 10 µm,2000Å Life Tech
H340 Pepmap C18, 3 µm, 100Å Dionex
H341 Pepmap C18,3 µm,100Å Dionex
H354 Reprosil-PUR C18 AQ, 3 µm,120Å Dr. Maisch
H355 Reprosil-PUR ODS-3,3 µm,200Å Dr. Maisch
H401 Monitor® C18, 3 µm,100Å Orochem
H402 Monitor® C18,5 µm,100Å Orochem
H403 Gazelle™ C18,1.7 µm,100Å Orochem
H501 PFRP-S 5 µm,4000Å Varian
H502 PFRP-S 5 µm,1000Å Varian
OD (um)=360, Bed Length (mm)=25
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