New Objective PicoFrit® Columns

Catalog E6, E7, E8
New Objective PicoFrit® Columns
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PicoFrit® Columns

PicoFrit® Benefits:
  • Eliminates band broadening
  • Sprays directly from column to inlet
  • Minimizes post-column loss
  • Integral frit greatly reduces tip clogging
  • Robust performance compatible with automated systems
  • High-resolution separations yield femtomole sensitivity
*Frit material is borosilicate glass; silica available on a custom basis.

The PicoFrit Advantage

PicoFrit™ Column Standard Column Coupled with a Tip

Spraying directly off the column boosts the performance of your mass spectrometer compared to that provided by a column attached to a tip. Less time spent making connections increases efficiency. That's the PicoFrit advantage.

  • Ion chromatograms for full-scan MS data of 4 angiotensin variants at 25 fmol injected on column
  • The chromatogram at left was obtained using a C18-packed column coupled to a coated emitter with a union
  • The chromatogram at right was obtained using a C18-packed PicoFrit column (75 µm OD/15 µm ID)
  • The PicoFrit column yielded better peak shape with decreased peak width, resulting in higher sensitivity

PicoFrit Specifications:

  • Column IDs 75 µm and 50 µm, tip IDs 15 µm and 10 µm
  • Packed with a variety of high-performance, reverse-phase, HPLC packings
  • Short columns (1 cm) for sample concentration/desalting procedures
  • Medium columns (5 cm) for rapid-gradient LC-MS
  • Long columns (>10 cm) for gradient LC-MS
  • Biphasic columns for shotgun digests
Make your old mass spectrometer a high-performance mass spectrometer
Using the PicoFrit® format means that even a 12-year-old LCQ Deca™ mass spectrometer, coupled to a direct-flow nanobore LC, can produce femtomole-sensitivity.

UHPLC Performance in a PicoFrit™ Package
PicoFrit columns are the perfect format for fast-gradient chro- matography. Packed with any of our sub-3 µm particle sorbents, PicoFrit columns deliver ultra-high-performance results.

PicoFrit Chemistries

Use the Media Code indicated in place of the XXXX in the part number when ordering pre-packed columns. Our selection of availablechemistries is always changing. If you require a media that is not noted below, please contact us for availability, or for information oncustom column packing to your specification and with your supplied media. Please note: New Objective does not provide bulk material.Substitute the desired tip size where ## appears in any Part Number.

New Objective Chemistries

Media Code Media Name Type/Size Supplier
H001 ProteoPep™ C18,5 µm,300Å New Objective
H002 ProteoPep™ II C18,5 µm,300Å New Objective
H003 ProteoPep™ III C18,1.8 µm,80Å New Objective
H020 Strong Cation Exc SCX,5 µm,85Å New Objective
H035 HALO® C18,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H036 HALO® C8,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H037 HALO® RP RP,2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H038 HALO® HILIC 2.7 µm,90Å AMT, Inc.
H039 HALO® PeptideES 2.7 µm,160Å AMT, Inc.
H050 BioBasic® C4, 5 µm,300Å Thermofisher
H051 BioBasic® C8,5 µm,300Å Thermofisher
H052 BioBasic® C18,5 µm,300Å Thermofisher
H053 AQUASIL C18,5 µm,100Å Thermofisher
H054 Betasil C18,5 µm,100Å Thermofisher
H060 BetaBasic® C8,5 µm,150Å Thermofisher
H061 BetaBasic® C18,5 µm,150Å Thermofisher
H062 Hypercarb C100,5 µm,250Å Thermofisher
H063 Hypercarb C100,7 µm,250Å Thermofisher
H070 HypersilGOLD™ C118,5 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H071 HypersilGOLD™ C118,5 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H072 HypersilGOLD PFP™ PFP,5 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H073 HypersilGOLD aQ™ C118,1.9 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H074 HypersilGOLD aQ™ C18,5 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H075 HypersilGOLD PFP™ PFP,1.9 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H076 HypersilGOLD PFP™ PFP,3 µm,175Å Thermofisher
H080 Prontosil C18 AQ,3 µm,120Å Thermofisher
H100 XBridge™ C8,3.5 µm,135Å Thermofisher
H101 XBridge™ C8,5 µm,135Å Thermofisher
H102 XBridge™ C18,3.5 µm,135Å Thermofisher
H103 XBridge™ C18,5 µm,135Å Thermofisher
H110 Xterra® C18,5 µm,125Å Thermofisher
H200 Inertsil® ODS-3™ C18,3 µm,100Å GL Sciences
H201 Inertsil® ODS-3™ C18,5 µm,100Å GL Sciences
H202 Inertsil® ODS-4™ C18,23 µm,100Å GL Sciences
H203 Inertsil® ODS-4™ C18,3 µm,100Å GL Sciences
H204 Inertsil® ODS-4™ C18,5 µm,100Å GL Sciences
H252 Magic AQ C18,5 µm,200Å Michrom
H253 Magic AQ C18,3 µm,200Å Michrom
H301 POROS R2 20 µm,2000Å Life Tech
H302 POROS R2 10 µm,2000Å Life Tech
H340 Pepmap C18, 3 µm, 100Å Dionex
H341 Pepmap C18,3 µm,100Å Dionex
H354 Reprosil-PUR C18 AQ, 3 µm,120Å Dr. Maisch
H355 Reprosil-PUR ODS-3,3 µm,200Å Dr. Maisch
H401 Monitor® C18, 3 µm,100Å Orochem
H402 Monitor® C18,5 µm,100Å Orochem
H403 Gazelle™ C18,1.7 µm,100Å Orochem
H501 PFRP-S 5 µm,4000Å Varian
H502 PFRP-S 5 µm,1000Å Varian


Packed PicoFrit Columns

OD (um)=360
Part No. ID (um)Bed Length (mm)Tip ID (um)Qty/PK Stock/
Lead Time
UOM Price Order
50 micrometer
PF500810XXXX 5010081 EA$192.40show all
PF500810XXXX4P 5010084 EA$691.60show all
PF501010XXXX 5010101 EA$192.40show all
PF501010XXXX4P 5010104 EA$691.60show all
PF500850XXXX 5050081 EA$301.60show all
PF500850XXXX3P 5050083 EA$821.60show all
PF501050XXXX 5050101 EA$301.60show all
PF501050XXXX3P 5050103 EA$821.60show all
PF5008100XXXX 50100081 EA$379.60show all
PF5008100XXXX3P 50100083 EA$1029.60show all
PF5010100XXXX 50100101 EA$379.60show all
PF5010100XXXX3P 50100103 EA$1029.60show all
PF5008150XXXX 50150081 EA$483.60show all
PF5008150XXXX3P 50150083 EA$1310.40show all
PF5010150XXXX 50150101 EA$483.60show all
PF5010150XXXX3P 50150103 EA$1310.40show all
PF5008200XXXX 50200081 EA$566.80show all
PF5008200XXXX3P 50200083 EA$1534.00show all
PF5010200XXXX 50200101 EA$566.80show all
PF5010200XXXX3P 50200103 EA$1534.00show all
PF5008250XXXX 50250081 EA$634.40show all
PF5008250XXXX3P 50250083 EA$1716.00show all
PF5010250XXXX 50250101 EA$634.40show all
PF5010250XXXX3P 50250103 EA$1716.00show all
75 micrometer
PF750810XXXX 7510081 EA$176.80show all
PF750810XXXX4P 7510084 EA$639.60show all
PF751510XXXX 7510151 EA$176.80show all
PF751510XXXX4P 7510154 EA$639.60show all
PF750850XXXX 7550081 EA$286.00show all
PF750850XXXX3P 7550083 EA$774.80show all
PF751550XXXX 7550151 EA$286.00show all
PF751550XXXX3P 7550153 EA$774.80show all
PF7508100XXXX 75100081 EA$364.00show all
PF7508100XXXX3P 75100083 EA$982.80show all
PF7515100XXXX 75100151 EA$364.00show all
PF7515100XXXX3P 75100153 EA$982.80show all
PF7508150XXXX 75150081 EA$442.00show all
PF7508150XXXX3P 75150083 EA$1196.00show all
PF7515150XXXX 75150151 EA$442.00show all
PF7515150XXXX3P 75150153 EA$1196.00show all
PF7508200XXXX 75200081 EA$520.00show all
PF7508200XXXX3P 75200083 EA$1404.00show all
PF7515200XXXX 75200151 EA$520.00show all
PF7515200XXXX3P 75200153 EA$1404.00show all
PF7508250XXXX 75250081 EA$598.00show all
PF7508250XXXX3P 75250083 EA$1612.00show all
PF7515250XXXX 75250151 EA$598.00show all
PF7515250XXXX3P 75250153 EA$1612.00show all
100 micrometer
PF1001510XXXX 10010151 EA$364.00show all
PF1001510XXXX4P 10010154 CALLshow all
PF1003010XXXX 10010301 EA$364.00show all
PF1003010XXXX4P 10010304 CALLshow all
PF1001550XXXX 10010151 EA$286.00show all
PF1001550XXXX3P 10010153 EA$774.80show all
PF1003050XXXX 10050301 EA$286.00show all
PF1003050XXXX3P 10050303 EA$774.80show all
PF10015100XXXX 10010151 EA$364.00show all
PF10015100XXXX3P 10010153 EA$982.80show all
PF10030100XXXX 100100301 EA$364.00show all
PF10030100XXXX3P 100100303 EA$982.80show all
PF10015150XXXX 10010151 EA$442.00show all
PF10015150XXXX3P 10010153 CALLshow all
PF10030150XXXX 100150301 EA$442.00show all
PF10030150XXXX3P 100150303 CALLshow all
PF10015200XXXX 10010151 EA$520.00show all
PF10015200XXXX3P 10010153 CALLshow all
PF10030200XXXX 100200301 EA$520.00show all
PF10030200XXXX3P 100200303 CALLshow all
PF10015250XXXX 10010151 EA$598.00show all
PF10015250XXXX3P 10010153 EA$1612.00show all
PF10030250XXXX 100250301 EA$598.00show all
PF10030250XXXX3P 100250303 EA$1612.00show all
150 micrometer
PF1501510XXXX 15010151 EA$364.00show all
PF1501510XXXX3P 15010153 EA$982.80show all
PF1503010XXXX 15010301 EA$364.00show all
PF1503010XXXX3P 15010303 EA$982.80show all
PF1501550XXXX 15050151 EA$442.00show all
PF1501550XXXX3P 15050153 EA$982.80show all
PF1503050XXXX 15050301 EA$364.00show all
PF1503050XXXX3P 15050303 EA$982.80show all
PF15015100XXXX 150100151 EA$442.00show all
PF15015100XXXX3P 150100153 EA$982.80show all
PF15030100XXXX 150100301 EA$442.00show all
PF15030100XXXX3P 150100303 EA$982.80show all
PF15015150XXXX 150150151 EA$442.00show all
PF15015150XXXX3P 150150153 EA$982.80show all
PF15030150XXXX 150150301 EA$442.00show all
PF15030150XXXX3P 150150303 EA$982.80show all
PF15015200XXXX 150200151 EA$442.00show all
PF15015200XXXX3P 150200153 EA$982.80show all
PF15030200XXXX 150200301 EA$442.00show all
PF15030200XXXX3P 150200303 EA$982.80show all
PF15015250XXXX 150250151 EA$442.00show all
PF15015250XXXX3P 150250153 EA$982.80show all
PF15030250XXXX 150250301 EA$442.00show all
PF15030250XXXX3P 150250303 EA$982.80show all