Accu-Slice® - Band Saw Wood Slicing Accessory


The Accu-Slice Band Saw Accessory

  • Safer Resawing of Wood
    • Fingers are not near the band saw blade
  • Carriage and Rail System – Much like a log saw mill
    • Multiple carriages and rails available
  • Smooth Band Saw Cuts
    • The smoothest cuts achievable on the band saw
    • Cuts require little or no sanding
    • Linear roller bearings on the carriages provide for smooth carriage travel and smooth cuts
    • Two MagJig clamps are included to clamp the index table to the band saw table top and enable even smoother band saw cuts
  • Accessories
    • Guide Stops
    • Additional Carriages and Rails
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Dial in Dimensional thickness of wood to be cut
    • Indexer permits accurate and repeatable thickness cuts of wood
    • Slice wood as thin as 0.010" thick
    • Sliced boards have straight and parallel sides - top to bottom and end to end
    • Accuracy of cuts better than +/- 0.002"
    • Dial calibrated in 0.001" divisions and labeled every 0.005"
    • Course adjustment for fast setup
  • Ability to Slice
    • Thin Veneers – Resawing
    • Small Irregular shaped pieces of wood
    • Round segmented discs
    • Angle segments for segmented discs
    • Special cuts

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The Accu-Slice Band Saw Accessory

AccuSlice® for wood working

The Accu-Slice was developed in order to provide a safer method of resawing wood on the band saw including cutting veneers, cutting small pieces and odd shapes of wood, slicing round discs for segmented wood turning, and other intricate cutting not easily accomplished in the past. The goal is to keep the operators hands as far away as possible from the band saw blade and to provide for smooth clean cuts from the band saw.

Three models of the Accu-Slice are currently available depending on the width of your band saw table top. The basic model is for band saws with table widths 17” and smaller. This size fits most of the 14” band saws including the Jet and Laguna. Other models of the Accu-Slice are available for the larger tables

The Accu-Slice can be used for resawing boards and to cut thin strips of wood for making the feature strips for segmented woodturning projects. It can also be used to cut thin rings from round segmented rings.

The Accu-Slice System consists of three components – The Index and Table System, the Rail and the Carriage Assembly. The system operates much like a wood saw mill in which the wood or board to be cut is attached to a carriage which slides on a rail through the band saw blade. This provides for clean and smooth cuts and at the same time provides for greater safety for the operator since his hands are not near the band saw blade.

A set of two MagJig 95 clamps with all the mounting hardware is included with the Accu-Slice table. Holes for mounting these clamps have already been machined into the Accu-Slice table. The purpose of the MagJig clamps is to further reduce vibration of the band saw to provide for even smoother band saw cuts with the Accu-Slice.

With conventional band saw resawing, the wood is both pushed against the band saw fence and also at ninety degrees through the band saw blade. Any change in hand pressure or hand repositioning results in saw marks on the cut piece of wood. This does not occur with the Accu-Slice. In addition the operation is much safer with the Accu-Slice since the operator's fingers are far removed from the band saw blade.

Index Table

The Index Table mounts to the band saw table via a miter bar that locks into the band saw table with 3 quarter turn locking nuts.

The Indexing System consists of a revolving index wheel with major graduations at five thousandths increments (0.005”) and minor graduations at 0.001” increments. Each full revolution of the indexing wheel advances the wood to be cut fifty thousandths of an inch (0.050”) which is the normal kerf size of many band saw blades, such as the Timber Wolf ½” blades used in our demos. The accuracy and repeatability of the index system is better than +-0.002”. Wood can be sliced down to 0.010” thick with the Accu-Slice as shown in the videos.


The standard rail provided with the Accu-Slice is 36” long. Also available are interchangeable rails of other lengths (48”, 60” and 72”) for cutting longer pieces of wood. They are easily and quickly installed on the indexing table via mounting screws.


The standard carriage assembly consists of a 90 degree angle bracket, 12” long x 4” high. Normally a 6” x 12” sacrificial fence made of wood, MDF or plastic is attached to the carriage L-bracket with ½” wood screws. This fence is screwed to the aluminum L bracket and acts as a support to which the wood to be cut is attached. Its purpose is to prevent the operator from inadvertently cutting into the aluminum L bracket. The wood to be cut is attached to this sacrificial fence using either double sided tape or hot melt glue. Our preference has been to use the double sided tape.

On the bottom of the carriage assembly are attached 3 roller bearings. The roller bearings consist of an inner ball bearing with a polycarbonate plastic outer wheel. These roller bearings slide on the rail to provide for a smooth even cut of your wood pieces. One of the roller bearings is adjustable to enable you to adjust the tightness of the carriage travel on the rail due to operator preference or due to system wear.

Additional carriage assemblies for other applications are available. For example carriages for longer pieces of wood are available.

For cutting longer pieces of wood (greater than 24” in length) it is recommended that the 24” carriage or multiple carriages be mounted onto the rail and joined together with a longer sacrificial fence. This will provide for smoother cuts of these longer boards. The boards to be cut should not extend past the end of the sacrificial fence in order to achieve the best cuts.

Patent Pending


Customer Projects

The following are customer and vendor projects completed with the aid of the Accu-Slice System. Customers are encouraged to submit your projects to this forum. Just send us a graphic of your project along with a description and it will be posted here.

Click on the image to see a larger view with a description of the project.

Accu-Slice Projects by William Bulloch

Accu-Slice Projects by George French

Segmented Wood Christmas Tree Bell Ornaments by John Manura

Segmented Wood "Pysanky" Eggs by John Manura

Segmented Wood Bowls by John Manura

Celtic Ring Projects by John Manura


Share your comments and experiences with other customers of the Accu-Slice. The following are Accu-Slice customer reviews were posted here or unsolicited.

If you would like to have your comments added to this review list, please submit the form below or send an e-mail to (pictures can be e-mailed here too).

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I purchased the Accu-Slice about six weeks ago. This is the best jig I have ever had. The slices are amazing. Please let me know when the other attachments will be ready for sale.

— Gerald Wheeler, Gerald's Custom Bowls and Pens, May 31, 2017

Your Accu-Slice is dead-on accurate and allows me to make precise and repeatable cuts every time. With my homemade band saw slicing jig I had to cut my pieces oversize and plane them down to size. It would take a 2.75” thick blank to get the six 3/16” slices necessary to make one of my “Swirl Bowls”. With Accu-slice I can make precise cuts and get ten 3/16” slices from the same blank … and glue them up right off the band saw. (I sent a picture for the Gallery showing the two bowls that I made from a single 11” x 11” x 2.75” glue up).

When I first got the Accu-slice it worked as advertised right out of the box. After slicing several 11” blanks it developed a wobble. I contacted Chris Baker at SIS. Chris walked me through several steps to try and correct the problem, when those failed he sent me a return label. Five days later I had my Accu-Slice back and it was in perfect working order. In addition, I was given a link to a video showing John Manura putting “MY” Accu-Slice through the paces.

I have been a woodworker since I was 14 years old (that was 62 years ago) and I have never had a better Customer Service experience with any company.

— Bill Bulloch, May 23, 2017

I want to give you an update from my end. Accu-Slice is working perfectly with the modification that you installed! I was having trouble with the drift originally, but I managed to retune everything and after several tries, I have managed to properly setup the blade so it’s cutting perfectly straight. Your jig is giving me higher output pieces. Since the resaw slices are more precise and without ripples, I get 20% more pieces in my resaw process. So I’m very happy that I found your company. I have a feeling it will pay for itself in just few short months. I love this unit, getting a lot of use from it already.

Good luck with your project. I hope many more woodworkers will be using your product.

— Vitali S., May 10, 2017

I ordered the Accu-Slice system to fit my Powermatic Model 81 Band Saw, I installed the system last weekend, I had To modify my band saw table so the Accu-Slice would work like it is supposed to. The table measured 24 1/8 X 24 1/8 on top but down the sides must have been tapered.

I sanded the sides of my band saw table with 80 grit sandpaper and a belt sander, It took the better part of a Day to do it but I have the Accu-Slice system working good now, Thanks for a good and well built product, I watched the video of making celtic knots, When will the flat plate carriage and stop be ready to purchase? Thank You.

— Martin Holtzclaw, April 28, 2017

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Accu-Slice bandsaw accessory and to send you a couple of pics of my first projects. The first bowl is made of wenge and maple and was accepted into a juried show at the Maryland Federation of Art in Annapolis, MD.

The second pic is of some bracelets that I made last week. The woods are padauk, yellow heart and maple with black veneer between the segments and ebony bands. There are 48 segments and 48 pieces of veneer in each band. I glued the sliced rings together without any additional sanding after they came off of the bandsaw.

— George French, April 12, 2017
(Pictures of George's projects are posted in the "Customer Projects")


Celtic Ring Jig Project files:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the MagJig clamps required for the operation of the Accu-Slice?

A. When we did our initial design and development of the Accu-Slice, we did not use the MagJig clamps. The system worked quite well without these clamps.

During the design and testing process of the Accu-Slice, I attached a couple of spring clamps to hold the Accu-Slice table tighter against the band saw table top to determine if the band saw vibration transferred to the Accu-Slice table could be minimized. With the addition of these spring clamps the band saw cuts appeared to be slightly smoother, but it was a little inconvenient attaching and removing these spring clamps with every cut.

So we added the MagJig Clamps to hold the Accu-Slice Table tightly against the band saw table when cutting the wood boards. This clamping action appears to reduce the vibration of the Accu-Slice, which does provide for slightly smoother cuts. This is not critical when cutting small pieces, but when slicing boards greater than 24” long, the MagJig clamps do provide for smoother cuts.

The MagJig clamps are now included as part of any any Index Table sold by SIS.

Q. Will the Accu-Slice fit on smaller (14" wide) or larger (24") band saw tables?

A. Our 17" Accu-Slice index table will fit band saw table sizes up to 17" wide, so it will be fine with your 14" band saw as long as the band saw table top has a 3/4" wide miter slot. I routinely use the same standard Accu-Slice system on my Jet with a 15" wide table and on my Laguna with a 16" wide table. The Accu-Slice will not fit on any bandsaw table less than 14" wide, because that is the minimum spacing between the MagJig clamps.

Your larger band saw tables require the larger Accu-Slice index table size (21" or 24"). My guess is that this larger system may run smoother with less vibration so it might work slightly better. It is the vibration of the band saw that can contribute to roughness of the cuts on your boards, so the less the vibration the smoother the cuts.

For details see Accu-Slice Bandsaw Table Cross Reference.

Q. Will I be able to use different rails and carriages on the standard Accu-Slice system?

A. Yes all the rails and carriages are interchangeable on all models of the Accu-Slice. I presently use both the 36" and 60" rails which I frequently change back and forth. Switching the rails only takes a minute or two since the rails are held in place with 3 hex head allen screws and two alignment pins.

Likewise all of the carriages work on all of the rails. We presently have two models of carriages. However we will be introducing additional carriages in the future which will also fit all of the rails.

Q. Can the Accu-Slice resaw larger width boards? I would like to slice 10” diameter segmented rings.

A. Up to this point we had mainly concentrated on slicing boards and discs under 6” wide. After receiving this question we made a 12” high sacrificial fence for the standard 12” carriage on the Accu-Slice and proceeded to do some testing. No modifications were made to the Accu-Slice system. We used our standard ½” x 8 tpi Timber Wolf blade for all the testing.

We then did a number of tests on segmented discs from 9” up to 12” in diameter. Each segmented disc consisted of 18 segments per disc and was about 1” in thickness and width. The Accu-Slice worked extremely well. After slicing off thin sections of the segmented discs we measured the thickness of the rings around the entire circumference of the rings and all the dimensions were within +/- 0.002” of one another. We made a YouTube video of some of the tests which is located at https://youtu.be/S_TznTi2kOU .

Next we cut some 12” wide boards and resawed off thin slices of the board at thickness that could be used as veneers. Once again we measured the sliced boards at various points around the perimeter of the cut board and all the measurements were once again within +/- 0.002” of one another and the cut surfaces were quite smooth. We made a YouTube video of the tests which is located at https://youtu.be/aM-fyNV311k .

Therefore the Accu-Slice is quite capable of slicing and resawing boards and segmented discs up to 12” in width or diameter with the same +/- 0.002” accuracy we demonstrated with the smaller boards.

Q. How long of a board can I cut on my Accu-Slice?

A. It is determined by both the length of the sacrificial fence on the L-bracket carriage and the Accu-Slice rail length.

First the wood board should not exceed the length of the sacrificial fence by more than an inch, otherwise the board will not be stable and you will probably experience some band saw blade drift. Excess overhang also present a problem when the thickness of the board gets down to less than 0.25".

The bearings on the L-Bracket carriage are set in from the end of the carriage by about 3" on each side of the carriage. Therefore your can theoretically cut a board 6" longer than half the length of the rail. That is pushing it, so I would recommend that you do not cut a board longer than half the rail length plus 5" with the appropriate sacrificial fence on your L-bracket carriage.

Therefore with a 36" rail and a 22" sacrificial fence, you should be able to cut a 23" long board. With a 60" rail with a 24" carriage and a 32" long sacrificial fence I have been able to cut boards 35" long. I always use a stop guide on the ends of the rail to prevent the carriage from sliding off the end of the rail when cutting the boards.

Q. My sacrificial fence is not perfectly perpendicular to the band saw table top?

A. There are a number of variables which can cause the system to not be square with the band saw table top. The sacrificial fence can be too tight against the band saw table - which causes it to tilt up, there can be wear or sawdust on the roller bearings, the miter bar may not be seated totally or there may be some sawdust at various places on the system. Between all the parts starting with the band saw table top, the Accu-Slice table, the rail, the carriage and the sacrificial fence there are a lot of variables that can contribute to this issue.

Actually what is important is that the sacrificial fence is parallel with the band saw blade. Therefore there are two ways to correct for this.

First you can take a skim cut on your sacrificial fence to true in in with the band saw blade. This will bring everything into square.

The second method, and probably the best method, is to just tilt your band saw table so that the band saw blade is parallel with the sacrificial fence. This is what I have done in the past when I am cutting side boards.

We are in the process of developing several new carriages for the Accu-Slice including a segmenting jig carriage and a flat plate carriage. When setting up the jig for making segments, it is very critical that the band saw blade is perfectly perpendicular to the segmented carriage plate. Therefore I finely adjust the band saw blade tilt to adjust it so that the blade is perfectly parallel to the segmenting plate. This is quite easy to do and only take a few minutes. I will demonstrate this in an upcoming video on the segmenting jig.

Q. What band saw blade have you been most satisfied with?

A. I have been using 1/2" wide band saw blades exclusively for all my cutting. I presently use the ½” Timber Wolf blades, 8 tpi with a rake tooth design which seem to work quite well and give nice clean and relatively smooth cuts. I have also tried the 10 and 14 tpi blades. These blades do give a finer cut, but due to the closer tooth spacing tend to gum up more easily especially when cutting the thicker boards.

I have determined that the 8 tpi was a good general blade for doing a variety of cuts on boards from 1” thick to 8” thick.

I was most satisfied with the 8 tpi rake tooth blade that I had obtained from Timberwolf. The smoothness of the cuts was much better than the carbide tooth blades I had used in the past for resawing.

However I do sometimes change the blade. Obviously the more tpi, the better the cut. Although the 8 tpi blade works as a general blade for all applications, if I were just slicing a lot of 1” thick boards, I would probably move to a 10 tpi blade just to get even smoother cuts. Likewise if I was cutting a lot of 9 to 12” wide boards I would probably use a 4 to 6 tpi blade – just to minimize the gumming up of the blade.

We are in the process of developing a flat plate carriage for cutting segments for making segmented rings for woodturning. These pieces of wood are typically 1 to 1.5” thick and you are cutting across the grain in this application. In doing the initial testing of this new jig, I have determined that the 14 tpi and the 18 tpi blades do a superb job and produce smooth cuts almost as good as the table saw I used in the past for making segments. The only sanding I needed to do on these segments was to sand the corners to remove the fuzzies. The advantage of cutting the segments on the band saw is the kerf of the band saw blade – a lot less wood is wasted (0.050” kerf on the band saw vs 0.125” kerf on the table saw). We hope to have this new product available in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Q. I have european band saw that has a different size miter slot that the 0.75" wide miter slot you specify in your requirements. Can I use the Accu-Slice on these bandsaws with a different miter slot dimension?

A. The short answer is no. The Accu-Slide has been designed to mount on the bandsaw using the standard 0.75" miter bar and slot on the majority of bandsaws on the market. Going to a smaller or shallower miter slot would provide less holding power for the Accu-Slice. We have had a number of customers who have enlarged their miter slot on their band saws in order to enable the Accu-Slice to fit. As long as the bandsaw table top is well designed and constructed, this could be done. We recommend that you check with your bandsaw manufacturer to make sure that enlarging the miter slot will not weaken the table of create any other issues.

Q. I have a Shopsmith band saw whose table is 12" wide and it has a smaller miter bar slot on the table. Is there a model of the Accu-Slice to fit this bandsaw?

A. The answer is no for three reasons. First the miter slot is too small as described above. Second the band saw table must be at least 14" wide to enable the MagJig clamps to clamp the Accu-Slice table to the band saw table top. Third the distance between the miter slot and the from edge of the table top is only about 2" on this bandsaw - again this would not give enough table area for the MagJig clamps to clamp even if they were closer together.

Q. The miter bar locks on the Accu-Slice miter bar are not locking tightly into the miter bar slot on the band saw. I tightened the miter bar screws 1/4 of a turn per the video, and the bar is still loose in the slot.

A. The screws in the miter bar locks are probably bottomed out.

Instead of turning the screws clockwise to tighten them, turn them counterclockwise instead. This should resolve the problem.

A better fix is to remove the Accu-Slice index table miter bar from the miter bar slot and turn the screws in the miter bar locks counterclockwise one full turn. Then reinstall the index table. The screws will now have more clearance and will not bottom out when you turn them clockwise.


SIS guarantees that the Accu-Slice and its related accessories to be free of manufacturer’s defective workmanship, parts and materials for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. SIS will repair or replace without charge any part determined by SIS to be a manufacturing defect. SIS does not warrant the system for a particular purpose.

This limited warranty does not apply to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, normal wear and tear, product failure due to operator’ negligence or lack of maintenance, abuse, accidents, or any alterations of the systems attempted by others. Under no circumstances will SIS be responsible for incidental or consequential damages resulting from defective products. All other warranties, expressed or implied, whether of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise are expressly disclaimed by SIS. SIS shall in no event be liable for death, injuries to persons or property, or for incidental , contingent, special or consequential damages arising for the use of our products.

Any product returned to SIS by the customer may be subject to a restocking fee if SIS deems that the reason for return cannot be substantiated. Absolutely no returns after 90 days from the date of purchase.


The Accu-Slice consists of three components – Index Table – Rail – Carriage . To order a complete Accu-Slice system you will need to order an Index Table and then one or more of the Rails and Carriages. Link to each of the three pages listed below to select and order the Accu-Slice components needed for your make and model of bandsaw and to fit your particular slicing requirements.

  • TablesTables
    Buy your AccuSlice tables here. Varying sizes fits most band saw models. Get accurate thin cuts of wood with Accu-Slice. Band saw accessory for smooth slices of wood.

Index Table - There are currently nine models of the Accu-Slice Index table to fit the wide variety of band saws on the market. Two MagJig clamps are included with each model of the index table. The model required for your particular band saw depends on the width of the band saw table and the distance between the band saw blade and the miter slot. See the cross reference table on the Index Table page in order to determine which model of the Accu-Slice Index table is required for your make and model of band saw.

  • RailsRails
    Buy Extruded Aluminum Guide Rails for the Accu-Slice bandsaw accessory. 36" to 96". 2.5" x 0.70". T slots.

Rails– There are multiple lengths of rails available for the Accu-Slice depending on your requirements. The most common size are the 3 foot rails, but longer lengths up to 8 foot long are available for cutting longer boards.

  • CarriagesCarriages
    Buy Carriage options for the Accu-Slice band saw accessory.

Carriages– There are two basic L-Bracket carriages available for the Accu-Slice – a 12” long carriage and a 24” long carriage. The selection is based on the length of boards you will be slicing.

Accu-Wedge – A segmenting accessory for the band saw.

  • Accu-SlotAccu-Slot
    A Celtic ring accessory for the band saw

Accu-Slot – A Celtic ring accessory for the band saw. (COMING SOON)

  • Accu-SledAccu-Sled
    A flat plate carriage for custom applications and jigs

Accu-Sled – A flat plate carriage for custom features. (COMING SOON)

  • AccessoriesAccessories
    Buy your AccuSlice accessories here. Varying sizes fits most band saw models. Get accurate thin cuts of wood with Accu-Slice. Band saw accessory for smooth slices of wood.

Other Accessories – Accessories such as Guide Stops, MagJig clamps, replacement bearings and rollers and other replacement parts are available for the Accu-Slice.

As we continue to develop the capabilities of the Accu-Slice, additional parts and accessories will become available. Visit the Accessories page for more information on these accessories. All prices USA only.

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