SIS Woodworking Products

New! Accu-Slice® - accurately cut thin wood slices with a bandsaw.

  • Accu-Slice®Accu-Slice®
    Get thin, smooth cuts on a bandsaw with the AccuSlice wood cutting accessories. Watch videos of resawing wood on a bandsaw, veneers, download Accu Slice® pdf files here.
  • Accu-Slice® RailsAccu-Slice® Rails
    Buy Extruded Aluminum Guide Rails for the Accu-Slice bandsaw accessory. 36" to 96". 2.5" x 0.70". T slots.
  • Accu-Slice® CarriagesAccu-Slice® Carriages
    Buy Carriage options for the Accu-Slice band saw accessory.
  • Accu-Slice AccessoriesAccu-Slice Accessories
    Buy your AccuSlice accessories here. Varying sizes fits most band saw models. Get accurate thin cuts of wood with Accu-Slice. Band saw accessory for smooth slices of wood.
  • Micro-Mesh® Cushioned AbrasivesMicro-Mesh® Cushioned Abrasives
    "Cushioned" abrasive surface finishing products provide superior quality finishes for a wide range of materials. For manufacturers, scientists, hobbyists and consumers.