SIS Woodworking Products

New! Accu-Slice® - accurately cut thin wood slices with a bandsaw.

  • Accu-Slice®Accu-Slice®
    Get thin, smooth cuts on a bandsaw with the AccuSlice wood cutting accessories. Watch videos of resawing wood on a bandsaw, veneers, download Accu Slice® pdf files here.
  • Accu-Wedge®Accu-Wedge®
    A segmenting accessory for the band saw
  • Accu-Slot®Accu-Slot®
    A Celtic ring accessory for the band saw
  • Accu-Path LaserAccu-Path Laser
    Features Accu-Path Mounts on the band saw top wheel housing with 2 Magnets Project the path of the band saw blade on the wood surface 650 nm, 5 mW Red Line Laser Accurately determine the exact position of your band saw blade cuts New Safety Feature for the band saw The Accu-Path system includes Red Line Laser Offset Aluminum Mounting Bracket with 2 Magnets Battery Case with ON/OFF Switch Description Accu-Path The Accu-Path is designed to attach to your band saw to project a laser line for the p...
  • Micro-Mesh® Cushioned AbrasivesMicro-Mesh® Cushioned Abrasives
    Buy 10 different Micro-Mesh products here. These cushioned abrasives provide ultimate finishes. Polish metals, plastics and painted surfaces. Headlight restoration kits available.