Dupont 21-490, 491, & 492 Filaments and Heaters

Dupont 21-490 Filaments and Heaters
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Dupont Replacement Heater and Filament

SIS has redesigned both the filaments and heaters for the DuPont 490 series mass spectrometers. Instead of using very fragile glass presses, we use ceramic presses in our new filaments. The result is a filament and heater that are much stronger, are much easier to rebuild, and have a longer life than the DuPont originals. The filaments come complete with rhenium ribbon filament, filament post mounted shield, and silver filament leads. The heaters have tungsten/rhenium heater coils and silver leads. Filaments and heaters for the 490 and 491 series mass spectrometers also include connectors to permit direct attachment to the source housing feedthru pins. Filaments and heaters for the 492 mass spectrometers are constructed with silver ribbon leads identical to the original DuPont units and do not contain the pin connectors. All filaments and heaters are aligned on a 490 CI source to assure optimum performance.

Part No. Description Price
DFA Dupont 21-490 and 491 Filament $203.00
DFB Dupont 21-490 and 491 heater $250.00
DFC Dupont 21-492 Filament $203.00
DFD Dupont 21-492 heater $250.00
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