KDS 520 Dual Rate Pump System

KD Scientific KDS 520 Dual Rate Pump Systems
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Sequential volume dispensing is easy with the new volume dispensing system. The system includes two KDS 100 pumps and the cable to link the pumps together. Set the same or different volume[s] in pump A and B; pump A will dispense the predetermined volume and start pump B automatically. Pump A and B can have unique flow rates. The two pumps can also be operated as standard independent KDS 100's.

  • Single syringe 10 µl to 60 mL, any manufacturer for each pump
  • Simple menu-driven setup:
    • select syringe size from displayed table
    • set dispense volume
    • set dispense flow rate
  • Easy to read bright, backlight display
  • Dispense volume displayed and has automatic shutoff at completion
  • Volume and flow rate units (µl/hr or mL/hr) are selected automatically based on syringe size
  • Last settings stored in permanent memory
  • Button release of drive nut for easy syringe installation
  • Choice of run / stop after a power interruption
  • Pumps can also be operated as standard independent KDS 100's


No. of Syringes One (two pumps; each pump holds 1 syringe)
Syringe Size (Min./Max/) 10 µl to 60 mL
Min. Flow Rate 0.1 µl/hr
Max. Flow Rate
  • 10 mL syringe - 127 mL/hr
  • 60 mL syringe - 519 mL/hr
Linear Force 20 lbs. (9 kg)
Advance per Microstep 0.529 micron (1/2 step)
Max. Step Rate 400/sec. (1/2 step)
Min. Step Rate 1/30 sec (1/2 step)
Accuracy +/- < 1 %
Reproducibility +/- 0.1 %

Part No. Description Price
780520 KDS 520 Volume Dispense System, KDS 520, 110V $2829.00