Accu-Slice® Rails

Accu-Slice® Wood Slicing Rails, Band Saw Accessory for Sale
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Accu-Slice Rails

  • Extruded Aluminum Guide Rails for the Accu-Slice
  • Standard Rail Lengths
    • ASR36: 36” Long rail
    • ASR48: 48” Long rail
    • ASR60: 60” Long rail
    • ASR72: 72” Long rail
    • ASR96: 96” Long rail
  • Rail is 2.5" wide x 0.70" high
  • T-Slots on top and bottom of rail for accessories
  • Five mounting holes to attach to the Accu-Slice Table
  • Two side channels provide for the Roller Bearings to slide on the rails


Accu-Slice Rails

The aluminum guide rails were custom designed for use with the Accu-Slice system. They are made from extruded aluminum. Five holes (two for alignment pins and 3 for mounting screws) are positioned on the center of the rails for attachment to the Accu-Slice index table. The two side channels provide are for the ball bearing rollers on the Accu-Slice carriages to roll smoothly along the rail.

Two T-slots on the top and bottom of the rails are for the attachment of accessories such as the guide stops. These guide stops are used to limit the travel of the carriages.

The rails are easily removed from the Accu-Slice index table and replaced with other size rails. Customers often have two or more rails for multiple applications.

Included with each channel are three 1/4 inch allen head screws for mounting to the Accu-Slice index table.

The extruded rails are available in the sizes listed below. Other sizes may be available on special request.


The length of the rail determines the length of the boards that can be cut with the Accu-Slice. If you divide the length of the rail in half then add 6" this will give you the approximate maximum length of board that can be cut on that size rail.

Part No.Rail LengthMaximum Board Length


All prices USA only.

Part No. Rail Length Picture Quantity
In Stock
ASR36 36"thumbnail 29$35.00
ASR48 48"thumbnail 8$60.00
ASR60 60"thumbnail 21$75.00
ASR72 72"thumbnail 0*Lead time for this non-stock item is approximately 30 days. $90.00
ASR96 96"thumbnail 1$130.00

To complete your Accu-Slice System you also need to order an Index Table and a Carriage

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