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The Accu-Wedge Segment Cutting Accessory

  • Produces segments on the band saw for segmented wood turning
  • Operates with the Accu-Slice system on the band saw
  • Reduces wood waste due to the narrow blade kerf
  • Utilizes two indexed fences to produce perfect segments
  • Auto-indexing table for accurate angle selection
  • 4 to 72 segments/rings in 16 steps
  • No need for wedges
  • Dust shield on bottom of carriage to protect the roller bearings
  • System includes auto-indexing table, two fences, 2 clamps and a diversion ramp
  • Optional accessories available including the Accu-Stop, additional clamps and the Accu-Set system.

Accessories Available

  • Accu-StopAccu-Stop
    Adjustable stop with MagJig clamp
  • Clamps (Ordering options below)Clamps
    (Ordering options below)
    Features Clamps for the Accu-Wedge Mounts onto the channel on top of the Accu-Wedge fence Available in 3 configurations Plastic end cap protects your board Clamps can be bent for other thicknesses of wood Description Clamps for the Accu-Wedge The Accu-Wedge clamps are designed to attach to the top channel on the Accu-Wedge fences. The purpose of these clamps is to hold the wood that you are cutting so that it does not move as you are cutting your segments. It also enables the operator to keep h...
  •  Accu-Path (Ordering options below) Accu-Path
    (Ordering options below)
    Features Accu-Path Mounts on the band saw top wheel housing with 2 Magnets Project the path of the band saw blade on the wood surface 650 nm, 5 mW Red Line Laser Accurately determine the exact position of your band saw blade cuts New Safety Feature for the band saw The Accu-Path system includes Red Line Laser Offset Aluminum Mounting Bracket with 2 Magnets Battery Case with ON/OFF Switch Description Accu-Path The Accu-Path is designed to attach to your band saw to project a laser line for the p...


The Accu-Wedge Segment Cutting Accessory

The “Accu-Wedge” is an accessory carriage for the precision cutting of the wedges for segmented wood turning on the band saw. By cutting these segmented wedges on the band saw, much less wood is wasted (as compared to a table saw) due to the narrow kerf of the band saw blade. In addition cutting these wedges on the band saw is much safer than cutting them on the table saw.

The Accu-Wedge is operated in conjunction with the Accu-Slice band saw accessory rail and carriage system with roller bearing slides. The Accu-Wedge Auto-Indexing Table is constructed from a 9.5” wide by 15” long 5/16” thick hard coat anodized aluminum plate with four roller bearings mounted on its base. These roller bearings slide effortlessly on the Accu-Slice rail to provide for smooth and accurate cuts on the band saw to produce precision segmented rings with no gaps or spaces between the wedges in the rings. The all metal construction of the Accu-Wedge provides for a quality system that is sturdy, versatile and highly accurate.

The Accu-Wedge has two independent pivoting aluminum fences with the ability to set an accurate angle between the two fences. A similar technique has been used with wedgies on a table saw in the past. However with the Accu-Wedge there is no need for the wedges or angles. The angle for the two fences is set with an auto indexing system that locks the fences in place with pins and locking indents which have been precision machined into the Accu-Wedge table with an accuracy of better than 0.1 degrees. There are a total of 17 possible segments per ring combinations from 4 to 72 segments per ring that have been auto indexed into the table including the odd segments 5, 7 and 9.

Auto-Index Table Positions - Cutting a wood segment on the Accu-Wedge

A channel slot has been machined into the top of each of the fences to enable the attachment of accessory clamps to securely hold your wood when cutting the segments on the band saw. This will provide for the optimum accuracy of the joints in your segmented rings.

The Diversion Ramp with Magnets and 2 Clamps are included with the Accu-Wedge System

The Accu-Wedge system as shown includes the Accu-Wedge Auto-Index Table, two fences with channel slots, two clamps and a dust shield attached to the bottom of the auto index table to protect the roller bearings from becoming clogged with saw dust. Included also is an Aluminum Diversion Ramp with magnets to hold it to the band saw table. This ramp enables the cut wedges of wood to slide away from the band saw blade after cutting so that the cut wedges do not get caught up in the band saw blade teeth.

In addition a number of optional accessories are also available for use with the Accu-Wedge including:

  • A Stop Jig which enables the accurate and reproducible setting of your segment lengths. The Stop Jig is held in place on the band saw table with a strong MagJig Clamp. This jig incorporates a fine adjusting screw and a locking nut to enable the fine tuning of your wood segment ring dimensions.
  • The Accu-Path can be attached to your band saw with magnets or permanently attached with screws to your band saw. This laser marker enables you to accurately determine the exact position and path of your band saw blade cuts.
  • A variety of additional accessory clamps of various sizes for the holding various thickness of wood strips on the Accu-Wedge table.



The following are customer and vendor projects completed with the aid of the Accu-Slice System. Customers are encouraged to submit your projects to this forum. Just send us a graphic of your project along with a description and it will be posted here.

Click on the image to see a larger view with a description of the project.

Accu-Wedge Segmented Projects

Segmented Wood Christmas Tree Bell Ornaments by John Manura
Segmented Wood "Pysanky" Eggs by John Manura
Segmented Wood Bowls by John Manura

Band Saw Blades

Band Saw Blades

For the optimum performance of the Accu-Wedge on the band saw we recommend using ¾” wide by 14 teeth-per inch (tpi) band saw blades. These wider and thicker blades will enable the accurate cutting of the wedges with perfect fitting joints with no gaps. The fine 14 tpi blades provide for the smooth cuts on the cross grain edges of the wood segments.

When using the standard ½” wide blades, we have noticed some minor blade drift as you cut across the wood pieces at an oblique angle. These ½” blades work fine on the Accu-Slice system with no blade drift when cutting parallel or at 90 degrees to the wood grain. However when cutting at an angle between 20 and 70 degrees across the wood grain, the wood grain tends to pull the blade ever so slightly to one side. Increasing the band saw blade tension can help minimize this problem but the increased blade tension may cause the blades to break prematurely at the weld joints.

Therefore we recommend using the ¾” wide band saw blades with the Accu-Wedge to eliminate this blade drift problem and enable the production of perfect segmented rings on the band saw. The ¾” wide x 14 tpi blades are available from the Timber Wolf Band Saw Blade Company.

Two styles of blades are available - both wood and metal cutting blades. We have used both with the Accu-Wedge. We have obtained excellent results when using the metal cutting blades. Even though this blade is listed as a metal cutting blade, they cut accurately for cross cutting applications on wood and cutting the segment wedges with the Accu-Wedge and Accu-Slice Systems.


The Accu-Wedged is designed to operate exclusively with the Accu-Slice Band Saw System. You must use both the Accu-Slice Index Table and an Accu-Slice Rail for the operation of the Accu-Wedge. The Accu-Wedge is not designed nor should it be used with a table saw or any other power tool. The user is instructed not to modify the Accu-Wedge for any other application.


SIS guarantees that the Accu-Slice and its related accessories to be free of manufacturer’s defective workmanship, parts and materials for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. SIS will repair or replace without charge any part determined by SIS to be a manufacturing defect. SIS does not warrant the system for a particular purpose.

This limited warranty does not apply to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, normal wear and tear, product failure due to operator’ negligence or lack of maintenance, abuse, accidents, or any alterations of the systems attempted by others. Under no circumstances will SIS be responsible for incidental or consequential damages resulting from defective products. All other warranties, expressed or implied, whether of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise are expressly disclaimed by SIS. SIS shall in no event be liable for death, injuries to persons or property, or for incidental , contingent, special or consequential damages arising for the use of our products.


Delivery Note:   All the products listed on this page are new products that are in production. They will not be available to ship until early September 2017. However pre-production orders are now being accepted with a projected delivery date of September 2017.

Part No. Description Price
AS100 Accu-Wedge $345.00

** The Accu-Wedge mounts on the Accu-Slice system. Both an Accu-Slice index table and rail are required in order to use the Accu-Wedge.

Accu-Wedge Optional Accessories

Part No. Description Picture Price
AS200 Accu-Stop thumbnail $65.00
AS310 Clamp Straight thumbnail $12.00
AS320 Clamp 1/4" bend thumbnail $12.00
AS330 Clamp 1/2" bend thumbnail $12.00
AS340 Spacers thumbnail $5.00
AS410 Accu-Path thumbnail $49.00

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