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  • Produce angle cuts on the band saw to produce Celtic ring patterns
  • Operates with the Accu-Slice system on the band saw
  • Adjustable fence with angles from 30 degrees to 90 degrees
  • A stop system prevents cutting completely through the boards
  • A variety of clamping systems available
  • Use the Accu-Slice system to produce the accurate thickness inserts for the slots


The “Accu-Slot” is an accessory carriage for the Accu-Slice System for producing precise cuts on boards with the band saw. We often refer to this accessory as a “Celtic Ring Jig” because it is used to cut the angle slots on wood boards for the insertion of wood slices of a contrasting color (as shown in the picture below). However, the Accu-Slot can be used for other applications such as cutting angles or slots on boards.

Accu Slot Example Celtic Rings

The Accu-Slot table is constructed from a 5/16” aluminum plate with 4 roller bearings mounted on its base. These roller bearings slide effortlessly on the Accu-Slice rail to provide for smooth and accurate cuts. The large aluminum table supports the wood board on both sides of the blade. The all-metal construction of the Accu-Slot system provides for a quality system that is sturdy, versatile, and highly accurate.

Accu-Slot accu-wedge angles

The 2.5” high fence is constructed from an aluminum extrusion and contains channel slots on both the top and front edge to attach a variety of stops and clamps. The angle of the fence can be adjusted from 30 degrees up to 70 degrees and then locked in place. The angle for the cut is labeled in 5 degree and line marks indicate 1 degree increments. In addition the fence can be repositioned to the left or right should you need to change its position for your application depending on the length of your board.

accu-wedge stop accu-wedge clamps

The Accu-Slot comes with a stop to position the board as well as two clamps to hold the board on the table. Additional accessory clamps for other board sizes are also available. The clamps are constructed from 1/8” thick x 0.75” wide aluminum. The basic clamps are straight but they can be bent in a vise. Angled versions of these clamps will also be offered.

Clamps Handles

Two handles are attached to the back of the table to safely guide the Accu-Slot sled through the band saw blade.

accu-wedge stop

The system also includes an adjustable stop to limit the travel of the Accu-Slot table. This prevents the band saw blade from cutting completely through the board and into the fence.

For additional details and installation instruction, please view the videos tab above.



The following are customer and vendor projects completed with the aid of the Accu-Slice System. Customers are encouraged to submit your projects to this forum. Just send us a graphic of your project along with a description and it will be posted here.

Click on the image to see a larger view with a description of the project.

Celtic Ring Projects by John Manura



SIS guarantees that the Accu-Slice and its related accessories to be free of manufacturer’s defective workmanship, parts and materials for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. SIS will repair or replace without charge any part determined by SIS to be a manufacturing defect. SIS does not warrant the system for a particular purpose.

This limited warranty does not apply to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, normal wear and tear, product failure due to operator’ negligence or lack of maintenance, abuse, accidents, or any alterations of the systems attempted by others. Under no circumstances will SIS be responsible for incidental or consequential damages resulting from defective products. All other warranties, expressed or implied, whether of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise are expressly disclaimed by SIS. SIS shall in no event be liable for death, injuries to persons or property, or for incidental , contingent, special or consequential damages arising for the use of our products.

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Delivery Note:   All the products listed on this page are new products that are in production. They will not be available to ship until early October 2017. However pre-production orders are now being accepted with a projected delivery date of October 2017.

Part No. Description Price
AS500 Accu-Slot $315.00

** The Accu-Slot mounts on the Accu-Slice system. Both an Accu-Slice index table and rail are required in order to use the Accu-Slot.

Accessories Available

Part No. Description Picture Price
AS350 3 1/4" Straight Clamp $14.00
AS310 Clamp Straight thumbnail $12.00
AS320 Clamp 1/4" bend thumbnail $12.00
AS330 Clamp 1/2" bend thumbnail $12.00
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