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Accu-Slice Accessories

Accu-Slice Guide Stop

The Accu-Slice Guide Stop is used to limit the travel of the carriages on the Accu-Slice rails. It is used when you want to limit the travel of the carriage to provide for a stop cut (such as in making celtic ring cuts) or to be certain that the carriage does not ride off the end of the Accu-Slice rail when cutting long boards.

Accu-Slice MagJig Accessory Clamps

SIS offers two sizes of MagJig clamps. The MagJig 95 is used on the Accu-Slice table to hold the Accu-Slice index table onto the band saw table. The MagJig 150 is used for making other accessories such as the Segmenting stop. MagJigs are sold with the table.


All prices USA only.

Part No. Description Price
AS1101 Guide Stop $11.00
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