Thermo Incos 50 Ceramic Body Filament

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Thermo Incos 50 Ceramic Body Filament
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FF50 Incos 50 Filament


Redesigned and Manufactured by SIS for the Thermo Incos 50 Series Mass Spectrometers

These filaments will eliminate the problem of shorting out which is common with the stainless steel filaments on the Incos 50 source.

As you can see from the photograph the posts protrude out of the middle of the filament and there is no metal in the back to short against the magnet. Also, there is no metal on the ends, which insulates the filament from shorting out in these areas as well. The 0.032 inch diameter leads can be cut to desired length depending on the configuration of your instrument.

These filaments can be connected to your leads with two push-on connectors (SIS Part# B11288-2) or stainless steel connectors (SIS Part #SCI)

*For Incos 50 only. Does not fit Incos 50B, 500 or XL.

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